Saturday, May 3, 2014

So...AM~Erica Did a 5k

So anyway...

With all my butterflies racing last night (reminder HERE), I was a wreck this morning.

My jitters were rampant! I was trying to eat my breakfast fuel...but my belly was not having it. I only ate about 1/3 of my peanut butter, honey, pumpkin pie spice & almond on whole wheat toast.

I was getting hydrated & brewing the coffee...because this was not, I repeat - NOT, going to happen without some coffee.

So I drank water, had some coffee, put together some pre-race fuel (cheese stick & banana) along with bringing some coffee & more water, got my bib number attached, my camo & orange outfit on, topped off with the tutu so I could get ready to head out the door.

My running costutume for a the 5k around Bass Pro: camo & orange
So I headed over with Teen Boy (who was there to support me as Lil Guy had badly timed flag football games around the same time) so he could try to capture a bit of my first 5k.

I fueled up with my cheese, banana, water...and coffee...made sure my tutu was in place & then secured my timing chip to my shoe.

I then headed over to the starting line area to look for some of my peeps I knew would be there!

Found my baby sistah from another mistah before the race. YEA!

Then found my future sis-n-law doing the volunteer thing before she participated! Woo Hoo!
And time was getting close to begin the race. So I looked over at the sun rising & several runners beginning to gather at the start line.

So I took a moment to compose & begin to head over to the start line, too...

We found out the race was delayed by 10 minutes due to the traffic back up! There were over 1700 registered to be a part of this Park Trot 5k! That's a lot of people's folks!

I'm somewhere in that mob, folks. Lots. Of. People.
And after my niceties & excitement & girl, Beqi (the baby sistah from another mistah) & I decided we would quit talking to each other & just hoped for matter who did it first. And the same for Angel, my future sis-n-law.
And...we were OFF!

I squealed in nervous excitement that we were starting...

And I ran...
And I ran...
And I ran...


I was focussed on getting to the next opening of people! And, as I did, I looked at my phone app to see that I was going at a MUCH faster pace than usual!
I usually do my 5k outings in about 35-36 minutes. My hubby predicted I would finish in 35:35! *GULP* No pressure!

However, I think in the power of the tutu (and since I was the only one wearing a tutu) made me run faster! I'm usually running about an 11:something pace. I was running just over 10 minutes per mile. wha-WHA??

I wanted to begin walking at one point, but I saw I was at the 3-mile marker...I couldn't give up NOW! So...I ran. I ran to the end...

And...I was exhausted. Smiling I finished & accomplished...but I was BEAT!

But I got to find my buddies & some others, too, after the race!

Beqi & I survived! *SMILING*

The Beems! Great family to run into! And...Kate (far R) is the one cheering me on as I cross the finish line

 Found Angel (future sis-n-law) after she crossed the finish line!

Found this lovely lady, Aimee, on the way to my car! So glad I got to see her!

OK, remember the large crowd? There was no line by the table to get your official time. There was just a mob of people! And I needed to get out of there. So I didn't take much with me when I left. I will look it up online later. is my unofficial Runtastic results:

Can hardly believe I did it. But I did it. And I thought I'd be way more emotional...but I was totally elated...and exhausted. But really elated!

And then, Teen Boy & I got ourselves to the car, had a lot of issues getting out of our parking spot, so I got to finish some water, get down some dry roasted edamame & a granola bar, and take a couple of swigs of Gatorade before a very nice man, who was a race participant, figured out I wanted out & made sure I got to leave. God, bless that guy 100 fold for being aware of us trying to get out of a very busy place!

Now...I rest. And hydrate...and rest. That took a lot out of me! The full-out run & the stress behind it really took a lot out of me!

But you know what? I have tried to work really hard...but it has been the extra encouragement from my friends & family! I know it was funny when I started out. Who woulda thunk it? But here I am...and I cannot thank enough those of you who have inspired & encouraged me! I'm gonna find some chocolate. Like a Cadbury Egg. Yeah...I deserve that.

Because I ran an entire, officially timed, 5k today. I will get the official results soon...I hope.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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