Saturday, May 10, 2014

AM~Erica Ran Across the 50 Yard Line

So anyway...

I've done it again...I have only been running for six weeks (as of tomorrow), and I have run 2 races...


I know. Crazy to think about!

I ran my first 5k last weekend. (reminder HERE) And that night, I signed up for another one. Ummm...happening the following weekend. Which happen to be this weekend.

If you remember my original motivation (reminder HERE), the switch in me flipped when I saw some of my non-avid runner friends doing these 5k runs covered in colors, wearing tutus & getting some bling!

Last week, the Park Trot 5k Run/Walk was OK. I ran the whole way, and I decided to wear camo & orange due to it taking place around Bass Pro. But there was limited bling to give out. Let me point out that it was a FREE run! I literally used it as my "test run". But today was different...very different!

Somehow, my hubby came across the Chiefs' Finish on the 50 [yard line] 5k Run/Walk. He thought about doing it. He asked Teen Boy if he wanted to do it. He sent some feelers out to some church friends (and a couple others) to see if they wanted to do it. And there I was...faced with whether or not to jump back into another 5k situation with very little training.

So...I signed up. I decided I would turn right around & get in on this! I mean...seriously, folks. You should know my love for my Chiefs! (find out HERE if needed)

= It was happening AT Arrowhead Stadium...the hooooome of the CHIEEEEEFS!
= It involved running into the stadium AND onto the field! THE FIELD, folks!!
= It involved getting some bling (read: a medal) for crossing the finish line.
= The finish line was ON THE 50-YARD LINE!!
= I got to wear a tutu...DUH!


From the sheer numbers of people involved, to the prize at the end, to even the group of people I knew running it this one (which was a completely different group from last week), it was awesome!

Sadly, I didn't get the needed time in this week to really prep for this race. It was killing me that I had to walk about a quarter of a mile in the second mile stretch. I hated (yes...strong word...but it was a devil mile) the second mile.

I want to back up a bit to this past please allow me this moment:
As I was trying to get some time & distance in while dealing with humidity (which hasn't been going well so far), Lil Guy has decided to give running a try & wanted to get in some running time. I knew he wasn't gonna go far, or go very fast, so I ran with him one evening. I hold my phone so I can check out my running app while on the go. I have been wanting to try to get an armband, but had not gotten to that point yet. At one point, Lil Guy assumed I was making a turn (I wasn't), and he turned abruptly in front of me, hit my hand...and my poor phone went flying & hit the sidewalk, Not. Good.

After trying not to pull a Bill Hader in a T-Mobile commercial...

...I got my screen fixed & an armband purchased! So I got to try out my new armband, too!

And I was getting it in place, as well as mentally propping myself for this 5k:

When the countdown to the start of the run began (which was awesome to hear anyway), those who were running, I took off. I was hoping to watch my pace a bit...and somehow I was going at a pretty steady 9:44-47/mi pace! I couldn't believe it! I was being passed my several...but I was in my own zone (where I prefer to be when I'm running), listening to my Beastmode playlist & listening to the clipping & clopping of the trotting & stomping of hoards of racing feet hitting the asphalt. It's such a an awesome sound. I remember hearing the sound for the first time last week.

We were told that the halfway point would have a water station where you could get your water from Chiefs TE, Sean McGrath (The Bearded Wonder, for those keeping score). I did see him handing out water, he turned his back to get more water as I ran by. I didn't want to stop!

However...the Devil Mile (read: Mile 2) had a "slight" incline & kicked my behind. It broke my heart that the sun beating down on me, the lack of getting in my distance this week, and that stupid incline really took a lot out of me. Probably my killer pace at that time, too.
I *sigh*
So, I walked about a quarter of a mile off-and-on...but then the great part was coming...

When I saw the opening to THE TUNNEL, I kicked up my pace! And I could tell there was music blaring in the tunnel! So...I took out my earbuds (since I wouldn't be able to hear my music anyway), and could hear the Tomahawk Chop blaring thru speakers & bouncing off the cement walls of the tunnel! Runners started getting pumped & going crazy. Heck, a guy went flying by me like he was Rocky on the steps in Philly acting like he'd just won the race! It was exhilarating!

Last week, I finished my first 5k. I really thought I'd be really emotional about finishing it. I wasn't. I was ELATED; I certainly wasn't emotional. Color me surprised! (I'm sure it's a total Crayola color)

Today, I was going thru the tunnel...feeling like a Chiefs player...and I could see it! The light at then end of the tunnel! It was the opening to the field! That did it. I was totally verklempt & emotional by the sight & idea. I got so choked up hearing loud music blaring, the people lining the raceway...and the finish line was coming into view!

I looked to my right...and my family was there with cameras, cowbells & cheers. On my left, I could hear my name being cheered for (which was hubby, Teen Boy, and another teenager from church who ran). It was beautiful!

My non-running kiddos with cowbells

Hubby & the boys after cheering me on from the other side (since they were faster)

No, my time wasn't recorded (I'm glad this time), but I got a chocolate protein bar, a bottle of water, and my bling.

I finished. I crossed the 50 yard line. I didn't stop. I kept going...

Finish line, crowds & just getting my bling

And it was incredible!

My hubby & I have had conversations about gift-giving lately. We have discussed that "stuff" isn't as awesome anymore...but experiences are...

This was one of those experiences. I'm so glad we did it! And now...we might do the Royals 5k this summer, too!

Participating group from church - not as a team...just cheering each other on

Apparent family affair as my brother was participating too

Yes...I'm planning more 5k runs. Hey! More tutu, more bling. Bring it!

Let's do it again!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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