Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why AM~Erica Willingly Made Up a Race

So anyway...

As I approach 9-weeks of running, I have certainly had a lot of ups & downs. Progress slid, so I am working my way back up...especially since I have registered for more 5k runs in the upcoming weeks!

If you remember back when I started this running thing, the switch flipped 9-weeks ago, today. (reminder about all of that HERE)

One of my inspirations, Aimee, contacted me earlier this week about doing a race with her. It was The Color Run being held in KC. Problem was the price. It is one of the races I REALLY wanted to do! By the time I started researching it, the morning was completely filled, and the price had already gone up. bueno. And the next session started at 2:00 PM. I'm a morning runner (not a morning person...just to keep that straight), so I was NOT stoked about the afternoon time...especially with it being at the end of May.

Well, my friend (who I've known since the 1st grade) wanted me to run this race with her since it was happening on her birthday! As much as I wanted to spend that race with her...this was a fee I couldn't do. I. Was. Bummed.
But I encouraged her to run it since it's supposed to be a happy race, and she is turning 40! She has made fantastic strides in her journey (slight pun intended), but I just couldn't do that race with her. Instead, I told her I would run with her in spirit.

I ran my own 5k. was a training run. However, I put myself out there to run that 5k distance! And...I did it in my racing gear: tutus. I wore 2 tutus (yeah...say that 5 times fast): one red & one orange. I'll tell you why in a moment.

I decided to have "This Girl is on Fire" as my personal race theme:

1. Aimee is en fuego! Her journey to get healthier & fitter has been amazing! It's why she was part of my inspiration!

2. She decided she WANTED to run a race ON her 40th birthday. She is awesome!

3. It's freaking hot out there! The humidity & temps are ridiculously melt-worthy!

So...I put my race outfit together that included red, orange & yellow to be reminiscent of flames. And then, with it being a race, I needed a race bib. So...I fashioned my own bib & customized it specifically for her birthday. I pinned that sucker on, slathered on some serious sunscreen... and then headed out.

As I promised her, I would run with her in spirit. So, I ran a 5k 2:00 in the afternoon of the last day of May.

It was brutal! The heat. The humidity. The gawking neighbors...
Oh yeah...I did it thru my own neighborhood! I really surprised some neighbors sitting outside, and I even had a car turn around to follow me to see if they were seeing what they were really seeing! A tutu runner running thru the in a race or something. CRAZY!

Did you know those tutus contain super powers? I took off, in hopes of actually taking it slow. With the heat & humidity, it was gonna be rough...but I wanted to finish the race in 40 minutes...for my friend's 40th birthday. No big whoop! It could happen...until the tutus kicked in! I was running one of my faster paces! Like I was in a race or something! Between that & the heat/humidity...I wore out pretty quick. I ended up having to walk some of the way. But you know what? I got in that 5k! I went 3.15 miles in 36:06. So...still not bad. Faster than my goal for this one.

I really did have amused neighbors who got a kick out of seeing this crazy chic running in tutus like there's a race going on...and I was the only one! HA! I had a car pull over to cheer me the creepy car that followed me to see if I was the spectacle they thought it was. I was...

I haven't heard how she did in her race today. I'm stoked to hear! Because she needed that race today. You know: "...the happiest 5k on the planet." She is rocking in her journey! And I was SO happy this race fell on her birthday! I'm hoping it's on her birthday weekend next year so we can plan ahead to actually do it together!

But this year...running on my own, in her honor, will have to suffice.

How about that, all my fellow runners? For a gift to a race in their honor! Even if it's one of your own accord. And get someone to take pics of you so you can show them that they were your inspiration!

I had Teen Girl take some pics for me. And she did a great job!

Today was all for Aimee! A long time friend who is accomplishing great things!

Happy 40th Birthday, Aimee!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica