Friday, May 2, 2014

Why AM~Erica's Tummy Butterflies are Racing

So anyway...

I decided to embark on a new adventure just short of 5 weeks ago...(reminder HERE)

5 weeks ago, today, I read an article about racing tutu shaming & the fight back: that was merely toeing the door open.

5 weeks ago, tomorrow, I saw pics of long-time friends, posted on Facebook, who had done these races in our tutus, some covered in colors, and receiving amazing medals: that was my motivation switch-flip...tutus, colors, medals.

5 weeks ago, come Sunday, I went for my first run EVER that I was actually willing to do: that was the beginning of my journey.

In this 5-week time frame, I have gotten so many tips & so much's a bit overwhelming. I heard about this C25k method to use to get moving. It's short for "Couch to 5k". A method that slowly gets a beginner (even a lazy one like me) ready for a 5k run. It is supposed to be a 10-week build up. But I have taken off & have already run 5k in training. More than once!

Well, tomorrow will be my first official 5k. I realize it's extra soon into my training, but this one was FREE to register for! So, I figure that I'm not out anything if I royally screw this one up. If I have to walk at all, or if I have to lay on the side of the road for a may not be pretty. I will finish. That is my goal for this 5k.


I am taking a rest day today so that I have fresh legs for tomorrow morning. But...the butterflies in my stomach have been running a marathon in my belly. I'm not gonna lie. I'm kind of freaked out.

Yes, I realize I have run for pi & a little more. (reminder HERE) But this is different.
* I'm gonna be running in a very different location. It's not my immediate neighborhood.
* I'm gonna be needing to run a set distance. No ducking out early in a set course from the neighborhood. Can't take the shortcut home if I'm not feeling it.
* I'm gonna be surrounded by people. A whole lot of people. I will know some of these great people...but I'm not used to running with...people. *GULP*
* I'm gonna have a number, a chip, a tutu & semi-costume. Not necessary for the run...but a motivation for me.

There's so many factors that are freaking me & my belly butterflies OUT! But...I'm looking at this as a "test-run". (Yes. Semi-pun is intended.) No big big whoop. Amm-i-rite?


I'm excited though! And nervous. Very. In both variables.

But I'm getting myself as prepped as possible. I'm trying.

I'm not aiming to medal (I think only top finishers of each age category medal & very top finishers get a plaque...but don't hold me to that), but just to finish & say that I got my first one out of the way. But mostly to just...finish. That's what I need.

Around 4:15 this afternoon...I went & picked up my stuff.

...and I went to my car...and got all emotional. I didn't even open it until I got home! Just the thought that the official bib & chip were in my possession was just completely overwhelming.

Now, as I try to calm a bit, I'm pulling together everything I need:

Shoes?      CHECK

Socks?      CHECK

Bib Number?     CHECK

Time Chip?     CHECK

Sunglasses?      CHECK

Music Playlist?      CHECK

Running App?      CHECK

Outfit with Tutu?      CHECK might be wanting to know about what I'm gonna wear for this run. Amm-i-rite?

Well...stay with me...

One of my running friends posted a pic featuring Richard Simmons...yes...RICHARD SIMMONS in an orange tutu. Yes...Richard an orange tutu.

You. Are. Welcome. Good luck sleeping tonight...

So, I was nearly challenged to pull off the tutu (even the pearl necklace...but not sure I can run with that on). So, it was not that hard since I had planned on wearing orange & camo for this race anyway!

Ummm...yes...I am wearing camo & orange for this 5k. Why? It's taking place at the Bass Pro. Camo & orange with a tutu is TOTALLY fitting! (I will have pics at a later time)

OK...time to focus. Shake the jitters & be ready for the adrenaline to get me thru.

Have I mentioned that I'm actually excited...and nervous? I can't tell which butterfly is winning right now...

This is actually happening, yo!
And...I'm gonna go get a little more emotional now...again...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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