Thursday, June 19, 2014

The AM~Erica Costume Approach

So anyway...

If you haven't figured this out about me by now, I love costumes. LOVE COSTUMES!

Not even just costumes, but creating a character, creating a look. Anything from a pirate, a flapper, super fantastical, sci-fi, 50's housewife, a hippie, etc. Even in everyday wear. Channeling a character or a decade, for example, can help how you walk out the door for the day...or for whatever event it's for.

I love keeping up on cosplay out there, too. You know? The hardcore geeky fans that go ALL out on their recreation &/or interpretation of the character they are trying to portray. You see it a lot at Comic Con & other conventions like it. From makeup to the the overall attitude. Yeah. That.

I have seen some CRAZY stuff out there, too. People go SO above & beyond...I'm not even sure how they stand or move. Live with Kelly & (now) Michael have done annual costume contests for Halloween. The stuff these people come up with are SO elaborate...they've created a scene! Seriously...and it's even hard to tell if there's a human being in there!


With all the incredible work that goes into the show, here's how I see it:

If it is going to hinder my movement in any way, if I can't see, sit, turn my head, move my arms, keep me from walking, etc., then it's a no-go.

Wigs, headpieces, makeup, accessories, clothing, and footwear all make a difference for what you are trying put out there. I will work what I can to go above & beyond...but so I can still function in my own weird & creative way, of course.

Find out more HERE

This has been on my mind as I have some 5k runs coming up. And part of my motivation to do these, if you remember HERE, is that I can wear a TUTU! Since I used to wear costumes ALL THE TIME back when I danced hardcore & competed, the glitz, glamor, lycra & fabulous get-ups all had to set the tone of the dance & the message we were trying to convey, AND we HAD to be able to move while doing so. Tutus were just a part of some of the costumes that were a ballerina standard. And I loved getting to wear a tutu with the sequins & shimmer tights. Ahhhh...those were the days...

Anyhoo...I've been thinking up some really great tutu running outfit ideas for some of these races coming. And...since I'm RUNNING...that means I need to be able to MOVE without being hindered in any way. Just like my thought on costumes to begin with!

Tutu running outfits for 1) Park Trot 5k (by Bass Pro); 2) [Chiefs] Finish on the 50; 3) My Girl is on Fire Bday 5k run you plan your upcoming costumes for Halloween, or whatever (since it's already THAT time of year for me...but it's always Halloween for me), I'd just ask you if it's worth winning a costume contest for 5 minutes to an hour that you can't move in...or to embody your costume you can wear for a long time, and hopefully a few times (and maybe even reuse), for hours of fun?

If you choose to go elaborate enough that you cannot move, or it is difficult to move around, all for the show, then good for you...have at it. But what can you do or create to be able to move around for a longer period of time without having to take off or have to carry parts of your costume you can't keep on...

So, I'm already looking forward to some fun running tutu outfits. Some of the races even have costume/outfit contests! You know what? If I can be elaborate ENOUGH to at least compete...awesome! But I won't sacrifice mobility/view to try to win it.

Anyway...if you are one that does go so elaborate that you are willing to sacrifice ANYTHING to win a costume contest, even if it only lasts 10 minutes...and you can't move or question for you is: Why? I would love to hear! Seriously! Just comment, below here on the blog, so we can keep the responses together. I'm genuinely curious.

In the meantime...I'm planning my upcoming running tutu outfits, as well as planning ahead for Halloween. My Favorite!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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