Sunday, June 29, 2014

AM~Erica Conquered

So anyway...

I did it! I worked so hard...and it paid off. I actually DID IT!

Was it one faction of it...but overall? Nope. But I did it!

Today I'm at 12 weeks of running! That's right...I went for my first motivated run 12 weeks ago, today. (right HERE is where it started)

Because of my friend, Beqi (everybody, wave hi to Beqi), I was convinced I should join her in the Firecracker Flight 5k & 10k. It looked like it might take place in a neighboring town, so I figured I was in! I talked to my hubby about it...and he decided to join in, too. YEA!!

When we got registered, we were sent our obligatory confirmation email & it contained important information: where to pick up packets, reminder of race date & time, what comes with packet pick up, and a link to the course map. Perfect! So my hubby decided to go over the course map with me. As it turned was actually RIGHT by our house! SWEET!! We go by that route all the time! we looked further...we never realized what a hill it was. The more we studied it...and the more we drove by it...the more terrified we became. Driving it, you never notice what an incline it is. We it turned out you are gonna take it by discover what a mini-mountain it actually is.

Now then...we live in a very hilly part of town. Our 'hood is nothing but hills. So this should be easy to train for...amm-i-rite?

Man, I thought I was gonna literally keel over & die after trying one of our 'hood's hills. But I kept at it about 2 weeks before the race...because we kept driving by a view of "the hill"...and just gulp deeply. Not only would we have to hit that ginormous hill...but we'd have to do it TWICE!!

See, we signed up for the 5k. Those who registered for the 10k had to run the course TWICE! That meant hitting that hill FOUR times! YIKES!! Just the thought of the bare minimum was terrifying enough!

But the training was getting better. I felt better about hill after our 'hood hills were getting "easier". Not easy!

My friend, Rob (an avid runner), likes to say he's having hills for breakfast. That's kind of how I looked at hitting our hills in the mornings. "Hills for breakfast..."

I got to the point that I needed a boost in motivation, so I even bumped up some of my training gear to help. (reminder HERE)

We went & picked up our race packets, got our race shirts (that we chose to save for AFTER the race), got our time-chipped bibs, and began to prepare for the following day: RACE DAY!

We convinced our running friend, Rob (mentioned above...everybody, wave hi to Rob), to come encourage us. He was going to run with us, but was planning on running another race just a few days after that. So we discussed him coming in backwoods, cajun-type gear & yelling, "YOO CAHN DOO EET!!" (al a Rob Schneider in 'Water Boy') We were going to have him mix it with a little Will Ferrell cowbell, too. We were supposed to bring the cowbell (which I thought was already in the car), but the bell had been removed from the cowbell. But he came ready to yell!!

Now hubby picked out what he was gonna wear to run in. And...since there was a costume contest, I figured I'd have to take that part in. DUH! (my views on costumes in contests HERE) So, I got my tutu(s) together & found the best combo (for me) to wear for the Firecracker Flight!

I needed by Wonder Woman socks. I just did. Don't judge.

Thanks for this pic, Beqi!

I really felt the double tutu was necessary.
A) the perfect combo to add to the costutume (yeah...I said "cosTUTUme")
2) Big hill? I need double superpowers of tutus

So...pre race, I entered the costume contest when anyone wanting to take part were called up.

It was me, another tutu'd gal, and a group of runners kinda dressed alike. That was it.'s what went down:

One of the gym employees (of the gym who hosted the race) came over to the DJ table. He told the employee that only the 2 ladies in tutus & the group were there. So, a decision was made. After a semi-discussion with other tutu'd gal (something about age, I think??), it was decided that the group won the "Group Division", I won the "Adult Division" & the other gal won the "Masters Division"!
We all won!! WOO HOO!!! And we all got a $5 poker chip to spend at Red Racks (aka - Disabled Veterans Thrift Shop)! YaHoo!!!!

** Side note: her name is Sandy. We did not know each other until a mutual friend, Kristal, knew both of us, saw this pic (above) & connected us on Facebook! So...everyone, wave hi to fellow tutu runner!

Then it was race time...*GULP*

We got started...and we went up the hill. So glad Rob was there to yell,
...cuz we needed it! Then it was downhill & some flatland to recoup for a bit. Since the route was so close to our house, we had our kiddos walk to the halfway point & take a few pics & cheer us on! Thanks, kiddos!!

See that big hill behind me? Yeah...that. And the tiny figure at the top right is Rob waiting to cheer us on.

...heading back toward the big hill...again...

Then...sadly & was back up the hill! But still enough gusto to smile for the camera...

I love this pic of my hubby! It's awesome!

So thankful that Rob was still there...
Plus some added encouragement as I ran down the hill & he...walked the side...cheering me on...
He was walking as fast as I was running??? I must've been exhausted!!

But we made it to the end! And ran the whole way! THE WHOLE WAY!!

I knew I would NOT even come close to a PR for this race with that hill...just wanted to conquer it. And I did...running the whole way!

My hubby was AWESOME!! He came in 11th overall & 3rd place in his age division! I'm married to a stud, if you weren't already aware.

Beqi had a rough finish, but she beat me! She was awesome & I'm totally proud of her!!

I finished. Running. The whole way.

That's right! 10th in my age division! I'll take it! I had to simmer down the tutus so I didn't die on the hill. And, with the extra time...I took more chances at better photo-ops. Because...why not?

And...I'm still going. Looking forward to more running adventures! At 12 weeks...I've gotten so much encouragement to keep going. I've got more goals of 5k runs to reach...and be tutu'd for! My journey continues...and thank you for coming along with me!

Anyone else wanna join in?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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