Friday, March 2, 2012

AM~Erica Gets Seussified

So anyway...

Today is a day
That we celebrate
a Seussy birthday!

If you remember last year,
What should have caused a CHEER
ended up causing a tear.
But this is a different year,
Let me explain
just to be clear:

Year, Cheer
Year, Tear
Year, Year, Clear, Clear

On March second
of year ONE-TWO,
I celebrated
in the Lou!

St. Louis, that is!
The time had come
That my new invite
really had come!

I left from KC
at 30 til 5
Then came the nearly
4 hour drive.

A lot of coffee
I did need
So my awakeness & energy
I might feed.

I spent the morning
with Timmy Ezell!
Here's your warning:

Ezell, Ezell;
Went well, went well!
It went WELL with Tim Ezell!

A show with olympics themed Seussical
and ending with a gospel choir musical.
With Cat in the Hat Tim
and I as Thing 1,
It was easy to tell
that it was so fun!

Cat, Thing 1
So much fun!
We had fun
And Thing 1...WON!

It appears I have a new buddy.
Let me tell you that Timmy's
no fuddy-duddy!

He's no fuddy-duddy buddy!

And it only took a whole two years!
And the Fox 2 staff really are dears!

Now a video I thought I'd share.
You can watch it...if you care!
YOu can watch it...if you DARE!


Then I headed back
just after 10;
Another nearly 4 hours
til I got in.

Now I'm home & trying to figure out dinner.
I'm so tired from being a winner
that we need to find a dinner winner.

Hope you found a way to celebrate!
You still have time...
It's not too late!

It's never too late
to celebrate!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


Just an update on our dinner:
We picked one that was a true WINNER!

IHOP has Green Eggs & Ham
but tied to the Lorax
instead of Sam-I-am.

The Lorax breakfast was truly yummy!
Had more coffee & it filled my tummy!

For now, I am a tired chick.
Maybe another time
for the Lorax flick.

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