Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AM~Erica Helps Take on Who?

So anyway...

If you read the previous post, you know about the AMAZING BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE Teen Girl had. But it didn't stop there. See...my daughter has this habit, as many do, of living in fandoms. Probably her main fandom is the world of Who. Yes, she is a Whovian.

Now then, I am no stranger to the Whovian fandom...my friend Nikki, who I have BROUGHT UP BEFORE, has been one for many years. So, I grew up watching Four, but didn't grasp how long it had been going, or how long it might last. But I would hear Nikki talk of the different Doctors here & there. Plus, in the days before caller ID, if there was an obscene or telemarketing call, she would just "tell" them (read: yell at them), "I'M A WHOVIAN!" Yeah...entertaining.

Now with my daughter into it, plus my sons sort of, and with other friends of mine who are Whovians...PLUS all the nerd/geek boards on Pinterest...I pretty much quasi-stay up with it by association. So I know what some references are. Enough that I can understand some of the Who-speak without totally pulling my smile-&-nod technique.

With this being the case, it started on Christmas 2012 (beyond just the episodes we'd try to help her find) when she received this from Santa:

Yep...that's right. There was a TARDIS in the living room. A cardboard cutout stand up...but a 6', super amazingly-awesome TARDIS! Oh...and a sonic screwdriver set, too.

Well, her love for Who hasn't let up at all. And with it being her birthday, taking her to the cottage garden got her super excited when she saw the little greenhouse. Why? Well it has a familiar look to a Whovian, and she had to get her pic with it, of course:

Imagine how freaked out she was when she saw the greenhouse was "TARDIS blue"! With the windows, it had a TARDIS-like feel...so we got her picture in it.

And it didn't stop there! We found an amazing gift for her! One that was so perfect, we had to make sure she had it! We got it at, what some might dread, Hot Topic. We actually went to see if they had any t-shirts for any of her fandoms, and we found a lot of different things! One employee ended up helping us. And I mean she HELPED us!! This chic was a gothic-pinup-tattooed character with a friendly & bubbly personality & disposition. Hubby & I decided she was a shorter version of Abby Sciuto (you know...NCIS lab chic). She showed us a lot of really cool things. We sauntered around the store, found a few possibilities, but nothing we were really excited about. Somehow we missed the entire Doctor Who corner at the FRONT of the store... *face palm* So we were trying to get excited about something there...but...ugh. We told our Abby-like chic that we were shopping for Teen Girl's 17th bday...and her eyes lit up. She asked what size Teen Girl wears & says she might have something in the back. But it's so special...it hasn't been put out in the store yet...but didn't want to tell us what it was in case they didn't have her size. She bebopped to the back room...and we waited...

After a couple of minutes she came out with the most amazing thing! THE. MOST. AMAZING. THING.
However, she didn't have the right size & we decided to order it. We got it picked up in time for the family gathering. And this is what she wore:

Is that amazing? Yes...it is a TARDIS & British flag dress. And it's totes a-dorbes on her!

Then, along with that, she was dying to have a TARDIS cake. Well...no pressure there, eh? *sigh* After thinking thru trying to a 3D TARDIS, This is what I came up with:

Teen Girl felt the urge to light the candles on her own TARDIS cake

So...only being a partial Whovian, I did the best I could to try to appease a hardcore Whovian. It was a nail-biter! But Teen Girl seemed amused. I'll take it, cuz it is what it is. But I got some encouragement & pats on the head from posting these pics. But then...this happened...

If you click right HERE, you will see where this pic ended up & the message attached to it! It's kind of a big deal, yo. You need to read the comments, too! So awesome!!! (Just FYI: I was asked if it could be used by the page...that made me feel even better about my cake effort!)

So...I think the TARDIS has served her well. I just hope an actual blue box doesn't show up...she would jump on the chance to be a companion, for sure. I think she'd be an awesome companion...but I would miss her! Well...at that point in time. I'd see her other times, too...I'm sure.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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