Thursday, May 2, 2013

AM~Erica Has Gotta Brag

So anyway...

Remember when I pointed out WHAT A PROUD PARENT I AM? Well, a part of that brought up is in it's fruition/harvest stages right now!!

"The House of Bernarda Alba" is now showing at the high school! Opening night was last night, and there are shows each night thru Saturday.

Teen Girl is having her long-awaited shining moment.

Here's my guilty mommy moment...and it breaks my heart: I could not make the opening night of her big moment unveiling. All of this crazy weather & makeup schedules of all kinds of other things...the final "games" of flag football for Lil Guy were having the scheduled makeup games at the same time. That's a rant I'm not going to go on here...but I could rant. Because...well...oh yeah...not here or now...

Anyhoo...I did get to hear the end part of the play. Part of that has to do with:

1. I had to pick up Teen Girl from might have been rude to make her walk home 5+ miles

B. It's not full theater - it's in Black Box format on the stage, so you can't see from the main seats...only on the set up chairs on the stage (so seating is VERY limited)

However, the parts that I heard were so intense! I didn't even see what was going on & I wanted to burst into tears. That wasn't from a Proud Mama standpoint...but just from sheer delivery of what I was hearing happening.

The family will be going to see Teen Girl in a role that should make any father squirm...but, nonetheless, we are so proud of her hard work & efforts. And, from what I literally heard (not a hearsay kind of situation), I'm really excited to see what she does with this very large & challenging role.

Don't forget...I'm a realist parent. If my kid is good at something, I will let you know. But if they are struggling, I'm not a stage mom that everything only centers around my kid. It's usually a team effort. And if my daughter is doing because of her gifts, hard work, and an amazing cast to keep things going.

Even though I haven't SEEN it SOUNDS very strong. A cast full of strong young women. And I'm excited to bring my tissues & see the story unfold.

Oh...and to brag on my kid a little more, too...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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