Monday, May 6, 2013

AM~Erica Has Good Timing in Running Late

So anyway...

This weekend, Teen Girl finished up THE SPRING PLAY by playing Adela in "The House of Bernarda Alba".

Anyone familiar with this story will know it's a dark, heavy & intense drama. With Teen Girl having a love of musical theater, this was quite a stretch for her. However...she pulled it off amazingly. I's more than just a biased parental judgement.

I am still sick that we could not make it to opening night. Still not going to get on that rant to take away from this, but my heart does ache. However, we made it to the 2nd of 4 nights. It wasn't hubby's cup of tea since it was just high on shouting & drama thru the whole thing, it was still acted very well. It's not a typical high school go-to play...but the talent level in these high school girls was jaw-dropping.

Now there was supposed to be some family attending her closing night. But due to some circumstances, there would be no family there for her last night of shining glory. I felt so guilty about it, especially considering no one there for her on opening night, I decided last minute that I would go support her. Someone HAD to be there for her! I did so after I expressed my sadness, and hubby said I should just go...and I did. No arm-twisting...I grabbed my purse, said goodbye, and ran out the door...

If traffic would cooperate, I would be getting a ticket (if there were any left) & getting into the auditorium as things would be starting. Believe me...I prayed all the way there!
And it all went well. As I ran in the doors, money in hand, the ones at the ticket table had a ticket ready for me (I must have sent a desperation aura ahead of me), I gave my money, they tore my ticket stub, gave me my change...and I rushed to the theater doors. Keep in mind that this play is black boxed on the stage; late-comers are embarrassingly obvious. As I was handed my program, the theater teacher/director was on the edge of the stage motioning for the doors to be closed. WHEW! And he just shook his head at me as he motioned for me to hurry down the aisle so I could try to get a seat on the stage...D'oh!

Thankfully I am in good with him & he helped me look around for a seat since there were so few left. He asked a couple if the seat next to them was open...but they were "saving it" for "Jo[e]" (who never showed up, by the way). But it was OK...there was 1 seat left in the front on the very furthest stage left corner. As the director pointed it out to me, I thanked him & took 2 steps hurriedly moving toward getting seated when he grabbed my arm. He leaned in to me & said in a low voice, "The girl you will be sitting next to was my Adela 5 years ago." Imagine my shock! And how well that turned out!

I took my seat next to the very adorable young lady. She smiled at me courteously, and I asked her about being Adela. Her eyes lit up that I knew that as she nodded at me. I explained that my daughter would be playing Adela. She seemed thrilled! But we didn't get to chat much...cuz it was time to start things up. See? I slid right in there...WHEW!

Now, for all my past/present theater actor & crew friends out know how it goes on the last performance. No. Holds. Barred. can get dicey & edgy when it's a musical &/or comedy. Amm-i-rite? But when it's a hardcore's different. An already intense story line gets even more so. I was on the edge of my seat just watching how much more these actresses were putting into this performance.

Even though this play isn't a long one, it was 3 acts, so a couple of intermissions were put in place. During these intermissions, I did get to chat with the "other Adela." She was already impressed with what she was seeing, and she was reminiscing about how much the director had kept so much of it the same as when she had done it (set & set up). She also told me that she felt bad that the director wanted to tell Teen Girl that his original Adela was in the audience. She didn't want to freak out the current actress in the role. However, she told me that she had a rose sent back to Teen Girl. I knew that, even though my kid would be freaking out that the director's original actress was there, she would be gushing about the encouragement!

When the play was over, "the other Adela" & I finally introduced ourselves. She was hoping to work her way out to meet Teen Girl, too.

As I finally got a chance to talk to Teen Girl about the experience, and her sadness about the play being over, she told me about the card(s) attached to the rose sent from the 1st Adela:

Awwww...!!! This was a very big deal to my daughter! And the "other Adela" really seemed genuinely thrilled by how the play went & how Teen Girl did.

Also, my daughter surprised a lot of people with her intensity, her sobbing & her portrayal of Adela. The feedback I heard, even from strangers whom I just overheard chatting, were amazed by Teen Girl.

We know she has it in her...and we are glad she was able to show her talent off in such a big way.

And the timing of me running behind actually led me to sitting & being a part of the coming-full-circle: Adela to Adela. It was exciting & amazing. And just kept feeding THE PROUD PARENT IN ME.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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