Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AM~Erica Shares the Happy

So anyway...

If you remember, I found a NEW HAPPY PLACE! (<=== read that link for a refresher)

And...I said that more stories were going to come from that place. Like right now...

While we were there, a display of rings in the glass case portion of the counter caught our eyes. The owner noticed us gawking at them & informed us those were button rings. Lo & behold...they really were cute as a button! Go figure!

At that moment, we knew that we would have to work out getting Teen Girl up to this magical place for her birthday...and have some CUSTOM button rings done for her. See, she got possession of my grandmother's old buttons from her sewing stuff...so there was a plethora of buttons to pick from! So, we had her pick out a couple of her favorites & just told her to keep the buttons with her. Trust me...her curiosity was peaked!

Finally, on her birthday...we told her that we had to leave right after she got home from school...and to make sure she had her buttons. She was very confused, but compliant...and off we went!

We pulled up to the small, brick storefront with black awnings. As we entered into the door, Teen Girl was already quite intrigued. We looked around the adorable gift shop, and showed her the counter. Our guy was nowhere in sight at that point, so we took her over to the steampunk gallery side. Wow! Was she ever taken by the treasures in that place! Like mother, like daughter? Probably. And after spending several minutes checking things out in there, and Teen Girl trying on some tiny steampunk hats, we headed back to the other side.

The owner was there & we introduced Teen Girl to him. We pointed out the rings in the case to Teen Girl & she finally began to realize what the buttons were for. We told the owner that we wanted to have couple rings made for Teen Girl's birthday; he asked when it was & she told him that it was that day! He gushed & happily measured one of her fingers & got to work on one of them. While we waited...guess where we took her! That's right...THE GARDEN!!!

She was so taken by the garden, and so enchanted...she was nearly moved to tears. See? Like mother, like daughter? Yeah...something like that. And after just a few moments, the owner appeared with the 1st ring. He then measured another finger for the 2nd, and left us to enjoy the garden some more while he went back to work.

After a little bit longer, and taking a few birthday pics of the girl, and after receiving the 2nd ring...we headed in to pay. When we got to the counter to pay a VERY REASONABLE price for the customized button rings, he went back to the floral area, picked up a beautiful little set of floral purples & violets, then said that no girl should go without flowers on her birthday! See? This guy is fantastic! They just happen to be in one of her very favorite colors, too!
(Oh man...there I go getting all verklempt again...)

Teen girl was so emotional by the experience! She got rings made just for her, a spectacular experience in a garden, and flowers, too.

She found a new happy place! See? Like mother, like daughter. Amm-i-rite?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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