Thursday, May 23, 2013

AM~Erica Introduces a New Found Happy Place

So anyway...

Things have been so insane with end of the school year events...I haven't been able to concentrate on blog posts! Whew! It's really been insane around here.

However, hubby & I have discovered a new place in the meantime. I have decided it's our new happy place. You cannot go there without being truly enchanted!

A couple of weeks ago, my hubby found a wine shop in our area. We didn't know where it was exactly & went searching for it, since he found out the shop got a shipment of a wine we were looking for. Now, I had seen this store online, but didn't think much of it. Shame on me...I know. But we took one of our date-Fridays to search out this wine place.

The store is located in a historic-looking, yet rundown, part of town. I'd heard of this area, but had no idea where it was hidden. It looked like they were doing work on the buildings & trying to revive the area. We have truly been on a nostalgic kick in the last few months, and this place had a sort of muffled magic to it.  We found the wine shop. It appeared to be a hole-in-the-wall type place, but wanted to get our wine while getting a bottle for a gift, too. And we entered...

This shop wasn't big, but was really adorable. We started chatting with the owner, and she wasn't a snooty wine snob at all! She was super willing to help, gave us tips...and even introduced us to a couple of wines with an impromptu wine tasting! She told us about her shop a bit, her fun cork wall art, and then about the area. She also told us about another shop that caught my attention for sure! She said one of her friends does steampunk art! STEAMPUNK ART, people!! That is one of the coolest things EVER!!! He also has a floral shop, too...and a garden of sorts that sounded amazing. We got our bottles, happy we made a new aquaintence, and went on the hunt for this other place. We found a small brick outing of the strip shopping center that had black awnings. It looked like another hole-in-the-wall joint, but wanted to check it out...

People...I cannot express the magic we came across. There was a gift shop up front if you enter to the right. The steampunk art "gallery" is if you enter to the left. On the gift shop side, if you continue to the back, you will come across the counter that reads, "There are no customers...just FRIENDS." Behind that counter is the floral arrangement center that you can see thru an opening. There is a room off to the left of the floral area that houses wedding portraits. If you walk passed that room & head passed the will enter a garden courtyard that is so amazing. Folks, if I didn't point out that it's back would never know.

A tiny cottage, a small greenhouse, a mini waterfall, a koi pond, things growing & blooming everywhere, a hidden garden, an outdoor movie theater...a place where weddings & beautiful events can take place. Oh...and a fabulous chandelier lit & hanging from a light-wrapped tree. Pure. Magic. There's also a couple of fountains, as well as other works in progress.

The lighted tree chandelier & the waterfall...gorgeous! And magical!

Fairy garden is a work in progress...oh...and there's gnomes

Treasures of all sorts from every which direction! And we were enjoying the steampunk portion when we asked the owner, being he had a floral area, about getting hold of a tiger lily. I don't see them very often, and had really been wanting to get some for my grandmother. When I was a kid, I remembered those being her favorite flowers. Not sure why I remember that...but I do. Then the owner said, "Like the traditional orange ones? Sure! How many do you want? I can get you as many as you'd like." WOW! We were stoked! But my hubby picked up on the wording & said that they would probably need to be ordered. Which was fine...I was really excited to know we could finally get a hold of any! He did ask if we wanted ones cut or if we wanted it in a pot to be a house plant. Being my grandmother can't get outside & I would love for her to enjoy them for quite some time...I opted for one in a planter. he offered for us to look around some more while getting in our order, we came across an amazing choker! was WAY more affordable than I'd even ever imagined! hubby got it for me!

Amazing Steampunk choker...*swoon*

We checked out the beautiful cottage garden...that just seemed to delightfully keep going...and when we were done...we went to pay for the fabulous choker...and the potted tiger lily waiting for us to come for it at the counter! While we were being so enchanted...the owner went & dug up a tiger lily plant from the garden! I cried. It was so beautiful & emotional. I found out later that the tiger lily was his mother's. And I cried some more...

It was a beautiful, enchanting, satisfying & energizing morning that day. It was a day we made new friends, found some delightful finds, and came across our new happy place that we look forward to visiting more often.

And trust me...we had plans for Teen Girl...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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