Wednesday, October 16, 2013

AM~Erica Hopes Nothing Creepy Was Summoned

So anyway...

I love Halloween! No...seriously!


Most of the sights, sounds, costumes, decorations, candy...I love it.

Now then, just know I am a pretty hardcore Halloweenier (yes, that sounds weird, but I'm using it anyway).

And I loved Halloween before, but it kicked up in 2001 when T'REK SHOWED UP! That was the extra push I needed to get the serious Halloween ball rolling!!

T'Rek - half human/half Vulcan
1st place winner - circa 2001

After discovering T'Rek, I found more friends to take over for me on Halloween. And, like T'Rek winning 1st place, I had some other contest winners...and then just-for-fun! So here's a few from the past decade or so...

Madame Rue - quack gypsy fortuneteller complete with a gold-capped tooth & samples of Love Potion #9;
also hosted the haunted train in Belton, MO
1st place winner - circa 2003

WooNelly Hootin' - hillbilly bride who was about 6 months preggo, like me at the time;
complete with buck teeth, laundry to hang, and shotgun wedding invites
to the hitchin' to Moe Hollerin'
1st place winner - circa 2004

Freezia, the Ice Pixie - got to be human sized for 1 day in exchange for all magic ability;
complete with handing out Pixie Stix;
2nd place winner - circa 2005

Trish Barnette - a housewife visiting from Stepford, CT;
she freaked my kiddos out
circa - 2007

Guru & Tango - entering into the Matrix
circa 2008

(the 1st year I got hubby to finally dress up for real)

Maisey J. Carmichael - late 20's flapper;
hanging with pirate hubby
circa - 2009

Rosey Redd - rose garden curator for the Red Queen of Wonderland
circa 2010

Mary G. Blissing - black & white obscure TV star from the 50's
circa 2011

Mermaid & return of pirate hubby
circa 2012

See? You get the idea. However, I am missing my scarecrow friend, Cornelia "Corny" Boucreaux, who won 3rd place in 2002.

I've even done & helped with food stuffs, too!

My sis-n-law & I teamed up to create a seriously spooky Halloween food spread when we worked together, and won Grand Champion for our crazy-cool-spooky-yummy collection for the company's first ever Halloween Food Day Competition! We are both very competitive & we decided to take the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach! We had Witch Finger is Which? cookies, Rising Zombie red velvet cake, Cheese Brain Pate', and some blood punch with human heart ice (this one not pictured)...because we couldn't pick just one or 2 things. We took lead from Britta Peterson, Webmistress of the Dark. She has amazing stuff & awesome inspiration! We even brainstormed with her for the zombie cake.

I also made an Eyeball Soup for a Halloween soup potluck contest. I knew I wouldn't be up for any of the "best of" I aimed for the "Most Unique" award, instead...and won it!

(click on these addresses from Britta for the inspiration for most of these: &/or

Witch Finger is Which? - Britta's Freaky Witch's Finger cookies

Rising Zombie Cake - red velvet cake baked in face-pressed foil layers (seriously)
surrounded with crushed Oreos & gummi worms

Cheese Brain Pate' - using a brain mold, made a cheeseball with a lot of ketchup for a perfect pinkish coloring
...though this pic doesn't show it, we did add more ketchup for the top &
stabbed a serving knife into the top of it & served with crackers
on a silver platter (inspired by Britta's Bizarre Brain Pate')

Sis-n-law & I (as Gilda Greenwitch) dressed up for food day & 
we posed with our award-winning spooky spread & overall presentation
(circa 2003...I think)

Gilda Greenwitch back at it over the lazy cooker cauldron making Eyeball Soup

Eyeball Soup - tomato juice-based soup with pearl onions that I jabbed
whole cloves into the ends of to resemble eyeballs
"Most Unique" Winner - circa 2008

From Trick-or-Treaters to Trunk-or-Treating, the movies & the music!'s awesome!

Now I'm not big on the very gory & super scary stuff. I really enjoy the weird & eerie with some fun & spooky attached to it. Halloween with quirk is what works for me!

And I've been helping, the last couple of years, with our church's Trunk-or-Treat promotion/info table. And I've made sure to dress up each week to help get attention for the event:

Rainbow Princess to announce T-or-T info in 2012
(and thank you to my friend, Jackie, for sneaking the pic of my announcement in front of the church)

Semi-reincarnation of Maisey J. Carmichael to stand at the T-or-T table 10/13/13

Then I had an idea to try to help draw attention to the table: MUSIC!

So I was trying to find a app with songs &/or sounds...and I found a free app with free Halloween sound bytes. It's actually pretty cool. You can overlap the sound bytes, even! And there's a bunch to choose from!

I was playing with the sounds last night & ended up playing two of the sound bytes together. There was some almost worn out music box-like music that I played with a button called "Demon Girl". It was a distorted voice of a little girl (presumably) singing a twisted "lullaby". The 2 together...and timed just right...plays out to be something from a suspenseful horror flick! I was chilled to my core. Teen Girl was too freaked out to hear it again.

I've always been one of those in the mindset that creepy kids at Halloween time are some of the freakiest things ever! And hearing kids singing slowly & in a near monotone way...*chills & shivers* You know, like an echoy version of "Ring Around the Rosey." Songs with dark meanings & stuffs...

There's been a thought in my head that it would be weird & chilling-creepy to have a haunted house full of set in a rundown orphanage. Creepy twins, kids turned to dolls, children in mirrors, slow & melodious monotone chants & get the idea. It gives me chills! So think about what the music box music with the dark & creepy "lullaby" by the demented child's voice!

I hope it didn't summon anything...seriously. Salt? Garlic? Healing oils? Make a soup & hope it chases anything like that away?

Hmmm...thinking that I may not play that particular combo again. Cuz...uh...*shivers*...creepy...


By the way...
if you want to attend our church's Trunk or Treat event, get details HERE!

Oh, and I just decided to work the Pandora app on a Halloween music station. But, (note to self) be careful which songs come on while at church. "Sweet Transvestite", though entertaining, probably isn't the most appropriate for church surroundings. Just putting that out there...

And, on another note, I connected with Britta in 2001 when T'Rek was coming to be. I found her by her half Vulcan, T'Leo. And our love of Halloween & celebrations have kept us in contact to this day! So, everyone, wave at Britta! *BIG WAVES* Really...go look at her incredible creativity! From costumes to food to just amazing ideas, in general. Go be amazed.

I am, also, disappointed in myself for not blogging about more of my Halloween adventures before! They are some of my favorites! *face palm* So I hope you are up-to-date on my favorite big holiday, now!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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