Sunday, October 6, 2013

AM~Erica: Too Tired Fashionista

So anyway...

As you may know, Teen Girl goes to Crown Center once in a while to go mingle & brainstorm with other YOUNG COTERIE PLAYWRIGHTS. It's a pretty awesome gig.

So, while she goes & bonds with them, I tend walk around & enjoy the shops & views. I've recently been taking The Link (a glassed in walkway) to Union Station, too.

Now then, I love having fun with fashion. And I like to sport something that's a bit eye-catching when I hang out around Crown Center Square. And I start channeling some Tyra Banks & 'America's Next Top Model' when I walk The Link. I always imagine it as some artsy-cool, high-fashion catwalk. And you know I stomp that walkway & strut my stuff thru the glass corridors with the sights of downtown KC surrounding my own fashion show! And probably doing some smeyesing while pounding the catwalk...

Tyra Banks' Smeye
In my mind, I'm some cool high fashion chic that someone in "the biz" should totally be eyeing & saying they would love to throw their lush & crazy fashions on me since I'd be the perfect canvas! You know...a whole street-fashion look that would be over-the-top & rockin'! I'd totally rock whatever look that is! I'm strutting in my Chiefs-inspired street fashion (cuz they are 5-0 right now, baby! GO CHIEFS!) thru the glass catwalk of The Link between the buildings of Crown Center Square & heading to Union Station, I've got high-fashion on my mind!

The stretch of The Link I like to stomp & strut thru

And artsy view of the inside of my catwalk

I get over to Union Station...and I know it was a total sign! The big, echoy area was closed off due to a covered runway from KC Fashion Week! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, yo! So, I'm stomping the tiles hard...cuz you know those fashion people were looking at me & thinking that I'm the next big thing...especially for Chiefs colors & everything...

...and I cannot figure out why nothing is happening...

So forget it! I thought I'd take an artsy selfie with some awesome KC scenery...ummm...I think I figured out why no one wanted to stop this train...

I'm all thinking I look all great & uber high fashion. Kinda like this:

Oh know that feeling?
But then in reality...I actually ended up looking more like this:

Oh yeah. My outfit was adorable...but I looked like a mom with too little sleep & some mommy hips to match. I don't think anyone from the New York scene...or even the local high fashion scene...would want this worn out canvas.

My runway walk back thru The Link was a bit sadder. I think I lost the strut I was feeling when I thought I looked like a Vogue cover.

I just had a discussion with a friend of mine about the whens & hows of looking pretty. Some do it more often than others, but it does happen. And even if it's a simple detail to a whole outfit, or adding makeup to a new haircut, there are times when it sets a mood & you just feel good about it & yourself!

There's a quote I heard once. It was when I was watching "How Do I Look?" It went like this:

"The most powerful thing in the universe is femininity - and it's free, and you can put it on everyday." ~ Andy Paige

And it's so true! No matter how little, you can make it work! Amm-i-rite, ladies??

So it's nice when you do feel that way. Imagine how sad I was to find out how wilted it actually was!

OK...don't get me wrong, I am not focusing on bad self image! I do think we are all beautiful in our own way. Check out my other posts on it HERE.

It's just that it was a day I thought I was making a fabulous statement...and I was a scary, unretouched version of my hyper-supermodel cover version of what I thought.


Well, at least my hubby loves me. He is MY PRINCE CHARMING after all. He accepts this princess even under the less-than-attractive moments. Even the too-little-sleep-mommy-with-mommy-hips moments.

And that's what actually matters. But I'll still have fun with fashion...I just need to pull back those ideas that Tyra will use me in some glass walkway as a crazy-fashion canvas.

I think I need sleep I'll just dream about it instead...

How I wanna believe I look... I actually look.


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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