Monday, October 28, 2013

AM~Erica Having a Tough Time With It

So anyway...

I've posted about about TEEN GIRL'S BIRTHDAY, and I've posted about LIL GUY'S BIRTHDAY, too. I have not yet done a post about Teen Boy's...until now.

I think I'm having a really hard time with his. Seriously. He isn't my oldest (that's Teen Girl), but he is my older boy. And, with him being a hormonal boy...well...boys have changes that are very different from girls. Just FYI in case you didn't know that yet.

However, this post will be different from the other two. Why? Because that would not suit him at all. So, here's what's it will be instead...

If you haven't gotten it by now, today is Teen Boy's birthday. And it's exciting, but I've been having a much harder time with him turning 16. And I think it has to do with the fact that he has matured so much.

When he was born, the doctor just decided that I would be induced the following day after my appointment. However, I truly believe that he would have come along that day anyway. So when I showed up the next day to the hospital, things got moving!

I got hooked up & things seemed to move quickly. And, as with all the laborings I've been thru, I did not have a epidural. However, I'm all for IV meds. And when it is quite painful to bear, you don't think about what might be going into the tubes that flow into your veins. I was ready for the pain meds! And they told me that there was a new drug out that they wanted to's called Nubain & they were still experimenting with dosages. I didn't care in that moment & they gave me some. I was told that I would feel a tingle or get really warm starting at my toes & working it's way up to relax me. Ummm...I waited a moment to see if I'd get the feeling...however, I never felt it in my toes or anywhere head! I got really woozy & groggy. I just wanted to go to sleep! And, as I was fading & couldn't reply to anyone, I remember hearing someone yell, "Oh my God! The baby's asleep!" It was a terrifying moment to know that you have no control to step in to change that situation. I think they backed off the Nubain & upped the pitocin to get things moving again.

The doctor challenged me to have this kid born by 12:00 (noon). And, yes, things moved along that quickly that the challenge was there. And after a couple rounds of "routine" pushing, I was ready to keep going! The doctor, my hubby, the nurses, the young doctor in residency (who was having issues figuring where to check...I'll leave it at that) & the nurses in training (yes...there were a lot of people in that tiny room...there was even a medical class that walked thru) all turned away & I had to yell, "I'M! NOT! FINISHED!" They all rushed back to my side so we could finish this out!

My son was born at 12:05. Yes, just missed the target time, but not too far off.

When he was born, there was a lot of concern about him. We were being flagged that he might have something along the lines of spina bifida due to a dimple at the base of his spine. Then we were informed that he should be fine since his legs were moving normally. We were very thankful for that.

Now then, as a few months went by with this precious baby (and a very jealous older sibling), we noticed his eyes weren't following each other like they should be. As it turned out, at his 4 month checkup, it was discovered he had a cataract in one of his eyes. This became most of his identity as he was growing up. It has taken many surgeries & doctor appointments, and even off-and-on eye drops to try to keep that eye healthy. He was just a little guy with big dimples, glasses & a bit of speech impediment who was fascinated with firetrucks & rescue vehicles was very telling of his big heart.

He is an intelligent (almost frighteningly so) guy! He has found a niche in SPEECH & DEBATE. He has crazy knowledge in gaming & many other things that in nerdery & geekery. He is in advanced classes, which he is doing quite well. He is involved in church & continues to have a big heart. And he does a pretty good job keeping up with sports, too. Though he loves all the techy-type stuffs...he is really just a simple guy.

But I've been having more of an issue with my son getting older. Remember when I said that boys change differently than the girls? He's always had a little bit of a fuzzy upper lip, but when the whiskers started coming in on his chinny-chin-chin & the voice started dropping...I have not handled that well. I cried the day he shaved his face for the first time. There are no pictures of it because I couldn't handle it! It still turns my tummy thinking about it.

When his voice dropped, it freaked out Teen Girl. I went to get her out of bed & she was freaking out because she thought we had company. All she heard was the deeper voice...and I had to explain that it was her brother. Yeah...another hard one to deal with.

And now he's taller than I am, too. I didn't handle armpit hair on him well, either.

How can he be 16? Looking at pictures of when he was a tot, to when he was 11 & 12 years now...he has changed so much! It's hard to think that he's the same kiddo with the speech impediment & big glasses. He no longer wears glasses, he had braces & got them off, he's taller & well-spoken...

There is so much promise in his future. Though he's still young-at-heart & still dons some immature actions...he's growing to be quite the young man.

And I'm having such a hard time with it. I really am. Just a proud parent who realizes how quickly time flies & how quickly your kiddos can grow up. Which is too quickly. to celebrate with my growing-up-too-quickly teenage son. Who is still my baby boy...whether he likes it or not.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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