Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AM~Erica Gets a Sign to Campaign

So anyway...

I'm taking it as a sign!!  My hubby & I have to do this. IT'S A MUST!!!

As you may know, my hubby & I have a MODERN DAY FAIRY TALE. And there is an important part of the the tale that led us to getting an opportunity to get our PIC IN THIS SPECIAL LOCATION!

I'm talking about the most talked about movie sequel going down in filming right now! And I'm so stinking stoked!!!

It's gonna be such a romantic date when my hubby & I catch "Dumb & Dumber To" at the theater next year! Because it will be 20 years since we saw the 1st one on our 1st date. *swoon*

Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels returning as Lloyd & Harry in 'Dumb & Dumber To'

I had an idea in my head (I know, I know...my brain getting an idea is really scary sometimes) to try to campaign to try to get my hubby & I in the next movie, or at least just a picture of us. Wouldn't that be so adorable??

Fast forward to these last few days >>> :

Teen Boy had an orthodontist appointment. I have brought up his orthodontist before in Facebook stati (yes, that's more than one status). He's the guy that introduced me the genius of Tim Minchin when I would come in with my son & he'd break into this song about prejudice:

(Sorry for the language...but it's still a super brilliant & entertaining song!)

I had this song stuck in my head for a very, Very, VERY long time! I blame the orthodontist. So I found out about Tim Minchin being in concert in St. Louis & made sure the orthodontist knew about it. He went & claimed I tried to kill him...but that's a story for another time.

What I'm trying to get at is that our conversations would become entertainingly strange nearly every month I took my son in. Honestly...I don't think anyone in the room would know where the conversations would end up! Much like this last week...

After some hilarious & bizarre cordialness, the doc started messing in my son's mouth. At one point, the orthodontist said, "Open Wiiiiiide...!" (very much like getting a toddler to open for a spoon feeding) So, I instinctly replied with, "Open the hanger; here comes the airplaaaaaane...!" We started laughing & he said that was totally what he was going for. Well, DUH!! But that's when we figured out our humor has been on the same level. Then, in that second, the doc swiftly proclaimed, "HEY! Did you know they are making another Dumb & Dumber?"


I informed him that I totally knew about it & told him why the movie is so important to hubby & me. The funny thing is? He didn't even bat an eye about the movie being watched on a 1st date. He went on to tell me how he & his college roommate would break into conversations like Harry & Lloyd.

The whole thing was bizarre & hilarious!

Not only that, but I cannot tell you how many times I've now heard the line, "...so you're telling me there's a chance!," being used in mostly the sports world. Cracks me up!


My family got some pics taken for the upcoming church pictorial directory. Our photographer got a great big delicious taste of the flavor of crazy our family is. She got a pretty big spoonful or two...or 12 of our insanity levels. Then hubby had to go to a meeting, so we were going over the obligatory proofs & pic(k)s. On his way out the door, I asked my hubby what the budget was. From somewhere (maybe Teen Girl?) came a response of, "ONE MILLION DOLLARS!" So, that prompted the kiddos & me to place our pinky finger to the corner of our mouths & break into our best Dr. Evil impression.

The photographer was having so much fun with us, I'm glad she didn't actually die from laughing (because the sitting was so weird, it's another post of its own). And, after finishing giggling from our fabulous Dr. Evil, she asked, "Have you ever seen 'Dumb & Dumber'?" I just started laughing!!! Of course I told her I had, so she had to see if we knew that they were making another one.

I, of course, said I had a story about why the 1st one was so important! She actually asked if I was/we were in it! I told her the 1st date story...

OK...I've already been dreaming of getting into that sequel with my hubby somehow. And now that I've been directly approached about the knowledge of the movie by 2 different people in less than a week, I think this prompts a full-on campaign to get my hubby & me into the next film some way, some how...



Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


  1. Don't you love it when someone "gets" your references. I worked in an office that sold cubicle workstations when I was mid to late 30's. A late 20 something went past my desk saying "What is your name?" in a nasal tone. So I answered "and what is your quest?" He was shocked that I knew what he meant. Fast forward 5-6 years and I am working in the accts payable office of a hospital. Part of my job was to call the ER and get them to tell me the counter on the copier so I could pay the lease bill. When he called me back he said "My name is Inigo Montoya", so I answered "you killed my father, prepare to die". He laughed hysterically.

    1. I remember you telling me those stories! LOL! But don't remember if I shared the Dumb & Dumber 1st date story when we were all sitting around & geeking/nerding out. Just the fact that this came up in conversation in 2 totally different places in less than a week really got me wanting to push for at least our picture showing up in the new movie! LOL!!

  2. OMG. Did you see Modern Family last week? Gloria and Phil were extras in a commercial. So hilarious!

    1. NO!!! I will have to go track it down. Thanks for the head's up!