Monday, June 16, 2014

AM~Erica has Raised the Goal

So anyway...

If you read my last post (HERE), you can see I am asking for help to walk Out of the Darkness.

Since then...big & generous things have transpired!!

Due to a few who are very moved, touched & committed to this cause because they suffer or know someone close to them who has suffered, or even have a loved one who died by suicide...the contributions to my fundraising page have been emotional for me.

My original goal was $150; the Team SOLOS goal was $500 overall. I surpassed both goals in less than 2 days due to some very generous donors. Just overwhelming...and amazing!

Well, I already have $660 donated, at the time of this post...which includes a donation from my very supportive & wonderfully loving husband. So, I've slightly raised my goal from here to $750.

I am one that hates asking for money. I'm not the fundraising-type of person. But I am unbelievably passionate about this cause! As someone who as suffered depression & failed my suicide story tends to resonate with folks. The private conversations I have had with several have been moving! And I'm so grateful I am able to have these conversations.

The stigma must go! I have found that I am in a rare few who have opened up about my struggles. The numbers who actually suffer is astronomical! And it's the downtrodden comments, looks & overall judgmental responses from those who don't understand is exactly what keeps so many from telling their own stories of struggle. And believe me when I say that I have certainly heard some those & read some of those judgmental comments.

Even though the walk is happening in October, won't you help me & my team do our part to help beat this illness, stop the suicides, and just get rid of the stigma so those who struggle with these thoughts & feelings won't implode from feeling so embarrassed by what society says is OK & isn't?

If you click on my picture, below, it will take you to my Out of the Darkness fundraising page. Pray on it if you don't struggle or haven't been affected by this illness & if there's a spot in your heart to help out, we would appreciate it. If you ARE or have been affected (either yourself or someone close to you) by depression & mental illness that can lead to suicide, or by losing someone to suicide, let's beat this! Let's fight this fight! Even if you can only do $5...that's $5 more toward the research & resources needed. The donations are 100% tax deductible, too!! There will be more info on my fundraising page...

 AFSP Fundraising Page for Erica Williams on Team SOLOS
Click the image for my story & to donate

And if I get to my $750 goal...that's awesome!!! I look to raise my goal again. Considering my original goal was $150...this is HUGE!! Who else wants to step up? Anyone wanna force me to raise my goal again?? Let's do this!

Also...if you are one of the ones who have struggled in any way (either yourself or a loved one), and if you are or can be in the KC area on October can walk with us, too. Let me know so I can get the info to you to join Team SOLOS (Survivors Of Loved Ones to Suicide)!

Your help would be appreciated & would help so many!! Plus...I got a bunch of '6's going on this moment. Not so fond of that either! ($660 raised by 6 generous donors...would you be donor 7? Even for $5?)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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