Friday, March 16, 2012

The Outcome of AM~Erica's Ides of March

So anyway...

Yesterday was the Ides of March. I hope no one got stabbed in the back or anything. Did you attempt to celebrate?

Well, you know that I did! And "enticed" (forced) the family to join in.

I was the only one that dressed for the occasion:

(pic courtesy of my crazy-fabulous neighbor, Jill)

It's not quite a toga. Probably best that I didn't walk around in a sheet wrapped around me. But I tried to get a modernized Roman feel.

Then came prep for dinner:

The dinner served was Caesar salad (I colored the dressing red *snicker*), Caesar dressing marinaded grilled chicken strips (thanks to the hubby for grilling), bacon wrapped figs & dates with herb cream cheese filling, red & green (white) grapes, cubed cheese, sliced apples, and sesame seed Italian bread.

Tea was served in wine glasses/goblets.

We also enjoyed a treat from Orange Julius & fig newton brownies:

Since the girl wasn't with us for the Orange Julius outing, we (all the boys & I) ordered an Orange Julius (teen boy), Strawberry Banana Julius (lil guy), and Pina Colada Julius each for hubby & me. YUM! The fig newton brownies were easy, yummy & filling!!

I also tried a Pinterest recipe for Sour Grapes (aka - Sour Patch Grapes or Glitter Grapes):

The boys (all of them) LOVED these! Gotta make these again!

Didn't get a chance to top things off with vino, but it was a delightful meal. Hubby was very happy with it, for sure! Truly a feast fit for Caesar!

And, I didn't even join in a commemorative friend stabbing. I was feeling nice...well, exhausted...whatever. LOL!

Did anyone out there do anything for the Ides of March?

Stay tuned...St. Paddy's Day is a-comin'...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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