Saturday, December 8, 2012

AM~Erica is a Proud Parent

So anyway...

Teenagers are crazy. Mine make me insane. But that's not really news. But sometimes...SOMETIMES...there are moments when one of them shocks me. Yesterday was one of those days.

Brace yourselves...I'm about to gush over teenagers!! Ready??

TEEN GIRL (yep...believe it or not) has been trying to really work at getting noticed in the theater & music departments. That's her dream...Broadway & musical theatre! Her freshman year, she tried out for the fall musical "Hello Dolly." She got in as a chorus member, but we had to pull her out of the production, very unfortunately. Then she didn't even try out for the winter comedy or spring drama. But, her sophomore year, she tried out for the fall musical, "Annie." This is a musical that has been triumphant and heartbreaking many times over in this family. For my daughter, this would be the 3rd time she would be involved. The first 2 times, she was cast as an orphan; the first time was Kate, the next time around, she was Duffy. Yep, always an orphan...but not THE orphan she wanted to be so badly. She, indeed, wanted to be Annie.

Even though I am biased as a parent, I am also a realist as a parent. If my kid is good for a role, I will help them prepare for that; if they want a role they are not fitting for, I will try to redirect them. And, having a theatre/forensic/music background, I am also well aware that directors will be looking for what they want or need. So, I always give the pep talk before auditions, before callbacks & before casting:

Auditions speech:

"Go do what you can. Stay focused on what you need to do. Be willing to take whatever role is offered. Go give them your very best & prove to them what you can do. Break a leg!"

Callbacks speech:

"Callbacks are if anyone needs to be looked at again for some reason. If you make callbacks, it's fine...they just want or need to hear or see you again. If you don't make callbacks, it's fine...that means you've done what you can & you don't need to be seen again. Making callbacks doesn't necessarily mean you got a part & not making callbacks doesn't mean you didn't get a part. Just hold out for casting. You've done all you can at this point. If you do make callbacks, give it all you've got & do your best."

Casting speech:

"OK, did all you can & it's been all up to the director. If you get in, that's fantastic! If not, it means there wasn't a perfect spot for you in the directors eyes. Still help out with crew. But, if you do make it, and it is not a part you want, do not be disappointed! Be the best at whatever part you are given. Always. And if you get a bigger part, do not be a diva about it! Work together as a cast & a family. No matter what happens, it will be fine & you are still loved. Break a leg!"

Yes, this speech is given...
Every. Single. Time.
Teen Girl hates hearing it, but she knows it's coming...because she needs the reminder.

Even though that girl was SO perfect for Annie, and she knew this would be her only remaining time to possibly be cast in the role, she held out hope...again. And her director has been very clear that if a freshman or sophomore was perfect for a lead role, they would be the ones cast...being an upper classman had nothing to do with casting. So...this was it! But I did tell her to brace...if she didn't get Annie, she would be an orphan...again.


...the part of July...another orphan. She was so sad. I was so sad for her. A freshman got the role. And was quite a snot about it, too.

I was very proud of my daughter. She took the role & did it always.

She didn't try out for the winter comedy or the spring drama though. She didn't think she'd be able to & never told us about auditions. She asked if she could watch friends do callbacks. The director told us he was disappointed that we didn't let her try out...we set him straight.

So...then came this year's fall musical. They did "The King & I". *insert speeches here* She was holding out for Tuptim. She got one of the king's wives. And? She really doesn't like the girl that got Tuptim, either. Oh well...Teen Girl did very well! She even got to dance! *Proud Mama*

And then, auditions for the winter comedy & spring drama. The comedy will be "Arsenic & Old Lace." Teen Girl so wanted to be one of the aunts...hilariously & sweetly killing guys & all. The spring drama is "The House of Bernarda Alba." you can imagine...*insert speeches here* She really wanted the part of Martha, but knew she would need to deal with what ever she got...if anything at all. Well, after the Casting Speech from mom...she got word of whether or not she would be in either play...

          She's in one of them...

The drama...
                           ADELA ALBA!


She is a major part in the drama. She is the youngest & most defiant daughter. (Probably why she was cast, but that's beside the point.) We are so proud of her!! *GUSHES*


This is not the only gushy announcement, people! Are you still holding on? I actually have to brag on Teen Boy, too!!

Wha-WHA??? Gushing about TWO teenagers in the same post? What is this world coming to??



As some of you know, TEEN BOY is involved in competitive speech & debate. He's a freshman. He went to his 5th tournament this season. From what I hear, he & his duo partner are REALLY good. Well, he went triple entered at the tournament this weekend. We got word yesterday that he & his partner broke to finals!! matter what...THEY PLACE!! Woo Hoo!! So, he went back today for the finals round. And?

          they took...
                           5th Place!

(I took out the glitter just for him)

We are so proud of our teens. Can you believe it? Hubby & I are beaming & gushing over them this weekend!

And, I'm not gonna leave out LIL GUY...
He is getting ready to have a good size role in our church Christmas play...he is going to be the voice of the cow puppet! And he's got a lot of lines, too!

We are proud parents! Can you tell?

*sigh with pride*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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