Saturday, August 17, 2013

AM~Erica Goes Retro for Date Day

So anyway...

This week came to the delight of many parents & to the disappointment of most school-aged kiddos in most of the U.S.

This week marked the start of a brand new school year!!


As we are trying to settle back in the "regularly scheduled programming", this was also getting my hubby & I back on track to getting our Fridays back. While the kiddos are at school, my hubby (who has most Fridays off) and I use Fridays to keep kindling our marriage that usually included our weekly grocery shopping. Oh, the life of PRINCE CHARMING & HIS PRINCESS!

          Have you ever tried to do your grocery shopping with the kiddos? It's stressful & takes at least double the time. 

Right now I'm in the midst of possibly getting the chance to dress up hardcore vintage/retro & maybe be an over-the-top-type character! Exciting, amm-i-rite?

          What? Why are you not acting shocked by this? *shrugs*


I've been trying to pull the look a little more often to try it know..."just in case". So I did it yesterday for hubby's & my 1st date day in the new school year. outfit was pretty close to this. Only with slightly different headwear,


& footwear.

That whole sheer socks with pumps thing. It's weird, but I'm figuring it out...

Put it all together & then you get the is the gist.

My hubby looked a bit more he changed to a button up shirt to try to appear comparable. *snort*

While we were out grocery shopping, a little old man flagged me down to ask for some help getting some milk off the top shelf for him. He was probably in his 80's & was housing his oxygen tank in his grocery cart, so I was happy to be helpful to get his half gallon of skim milk for him. He was so funny telling me about how his wife, of 40 years, would tell him he was the most trying person she knew. He was a funny little man. And I carried on with the shopping...

Then, as I headed down the cereal aisle, I was flagged down by another little old man, probably in his 80's. Here was the conversation:


"Pardon me..."

*right here, I can't believe another little old man has flagged me down*

*he removes his baseball cap & places it to his heart*
"You are mighty charming today in your getup: your hair & lovely dress, with your socks & shoes. Just lovely."

"Why thank you so much, sir!"

"Oh no, my dear. Thank you."


When my hubby & I went to IHOP for breakfast, our favorite manager made sure that she sat us. She had on an amazing Chiefs shirt! We always compliment her on how she looks. We watched her, kind of from afar, for quite some time while she was losing weight & making herself over. Finally, when we connected with her, she knew who we were & we confessed to us watching her making herself over. So we do make sure to compliment her often when we go in..which is obviously often enough that she figured out who were are. So as I commented about how much I loved her shirt (since she was obviously wearing it from the first home game of the preseason), she gushed over my retro-inspired which did include red for the Chiefs game.

As we sat there, I noticed a couple of little old ladies sitting together in a booth. They were so adorable! After a while I began to notice them looking around the restaurant & people watching, much of what I enjoy doing, and I could read the lips of one of the little dears, as I could feel their eyes fixed upon our booth:

"I really love her hair. It's so pretty."

As I have been on Pinterest lately, I have seen several (including myself) posting pictures of 50's housewives & dresses. I do see a lot of taglines to them with the laments along the lines of, "If only we still dressed like this."

Why not begin this revolution? I have seen some begin to. I've done a little & don't mind picking it up more.

The older generation definitely laments the Pinterest sentiments, too. It appeared glamorous & simple all at the same time.

My hubby loves the look, too. He likes that traditional look. It's modest with sex-appeal. Because it can happen! You can look great without EVERYTHING hanging out, yo!

So my hubby was just fine with my look. And would have no issue with me sporting it nearly everyday! hehe

But we know that if this were to happen when I head out with my might look like this:

Modern-day Lucy & Ricky...amm-i-rite?

Oh yeah...looking forward to our Fridays kicking back up!

By the hubby did say that if he really did speak Spanish (more specifically, the Cuban dialect), then we really would be like Lucy & Ricky! hehe

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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