Wednesday, August 7, 2013

AM~Erica Has an Odd Romantic Moment

 So anyway...

Recently, my family went on vacation to Colorado. I have been teetering back-&-forth as to whether or not to share some of our adventures here like I did when WE WENT TO SEATTLE. So it might still happen...but I had to share a particular moment!

OK...just take note that my hubby & I found it very romantic for us...but there will be several of you shaking your heads, wondering what's wrong with us, be confused, or just laugh in amusement. Trust me: we understand all of these reactions. But it was great for us & that's all that matters! Each to their own, amm-i-rite? (Keep in mind the REDDIT PROPOSAL that worked for that's not for everyone, but it was great for them. OK?)

As we were planning our trip to Colorado, we built it around some amazing lodging that we found in Keystone. So that's the route we went in the family vacay planning. And in the planning stages, we realized we were fairly close to Breckenridge...which we've heard so much about!

I've been to Colorado 3 other times in my life. Breckenridge was not part of any of those trips, so I was stoked to check it out.

During this time, I was taking part in a summer photography challenge from my friend, David, thru his photography business HIPSTABEAR PHOTOGRAPHY. It was almost like a scavenger hunt to try to get great shots of any or as many of the 100 possible topics given. Since we were getting ready to travel, I wanted to plan ahead to see if I could try to get any of these while in Colorado.
One of the shots being asked for was a building location where a movie had been filmed. So I started doing some research as to movies that were possibly filmed in Colorado to see if I could pin down a location or two. And guess what! GUESS WHAT-GUESS WHAT-GUESS WHAT!!! I could not have been more ridiculously excited than to come across a particular movie that had apparently been filmed in Breckenridge!!

Folks, Breckenridge had been filmed as Fake Aspen. And in Fake Aspen is where a few shots of an important movie in hubby's & my relationship happened to be filmed. But I had to pinpoint the spot! And it took ridiculous study of movie stills to find the right spot. But we found it! And it was one of the most exciting moments for me in all of our Colorado trip!!

Do you recognize it? It's where Harry & Lloyd went to Aspen!

Wait...did you ask who Harry & Lloyd are? Let me refresh your brains for a moment:

Yes!! It's from the movie, "Dumb & Dumber"!

"...He must work out..."

Wait...are you scratching your heads? Shaking them?? Again, allow me to refresh your memory...or introduce you as to why this movie is considered so romantic to us. It's a part of our MODERN DAY FAIRY TALE.

So we had a full-circle moment that meant a lot to us. And in a beautiful area, I might add...
And when we go back (yes...I said 'WHEN'), we may very well stay in the very romantic & beautiful Fake Aspen!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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