Sunday, August 11, 2013

AM~Erica Needs Your Votes

So anyway...

If you remember, I totally took part in a PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE that my friend, David, hosted thru his PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS.

It was because of this challenge that I came up with A BLUE DRINK as well as finding A STRANGELY ROMANTIC SPOT. It also helped me discover & really like mint M & M's. I blame David for that one. hehe has come time for the top 50 photos (out of over 600 submissions, by the way) to be voted on! And I am so excited to say that the voting is going on RIGHT NOW! It began today & will go thru August 24th. And...AND...? I have 2 photos included in that 50 photos being put up for the public vote! I. Am. Stoked. here's where I need your help:

1. Click on the links (part of the photos, below). Each link will take you straight to my photos being considered.

2. Click the 'Like' button on each of those photos to make your vote official.

3. Share the pics &/or this post with others so more folks can vote.

4. Browse thru THE OTHER AMAZING PHOTOS in the gallery! Vote for any of them you like, but the photo with the most 'likes' wins the popular public vote. I would really, Really, REALLY like for this to be one of mine! (hint, hint)

So...are you ready? Click on each photo to take you to the respective link on Facebook & hit that 'Like' button on each one!

Click on photo to vote with your 'Like'

Click on photo to vote with your 'Like'


Please? And...thank you for your support. *bats eyes really big*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


Don't goes thru THIS SATURDAY!!! I'm woefully behind on my pics' voting.

Also, there is an ALBUM OF EXTRAS that you can check out, too. I have a few featured in there. But those are not up for voting...just to enjoy.

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