Saturday, August 24, 2013

AM~Erica is Calling the Pigskin Pretties

So anyway...


The countdown to the 2013 NFL (yes...I do mean FOOTBALL SEASON this time) is coming upon us very soon! Raise your hand if you are excited!!
*raises hand like an overzealous Hermione*

It's during this preseason time that many start looking at and projecting stats to compile to see about building a team of their own. For anyone who is unawares: it's called "Fantasy Football." Some of you are getting excited by that thought...and some of you may be cringing.

Most of you know it's my hubby's fault that I really like football. After being a "football widow" for a long time, it became more of a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" kind of thing. Kind of like my STAR TREK FOLLOWING, I came into it by being baptized in the association river.

Well, my hubby has participated in several fantasy football leagues over the years...there was even the year that he was the commissioner of one, and I helped. It hurt my head. As much as I love keeping up with football, I hated keeping up with the FFL. The team names usually amuse me, as well as the trash-talking...but that's about it.

So, while my hubby does his FFL-thing, I had thought along those lines...

My friend, Lisha, over at THE LUCKY MOM & I did this wager a couple of times. Last season, she asked me if I wanted to wager something for our teams playing against each other.
Now, if you probably remember, my Chiefs last season. Embarrassingly awful! Lisha's team, the NO Saints, were having a tough year, but nothing like ours. So when they played, she offered up an interesting wager: if our team lost, we needed to sport our Facebook profile pic as the other team for 24 hours; the pic being of the winner's choosing.

My family was very busy at the beginning of the game. We had to DVR it & watch the possible massacre when we got back home. We stayed off of social media during that time so we didn't know what was going on until we could watch it. When we got caught up, we got on Twitter & Facebook to catch up on reactions, too. Then I saw the wager offered up. I didn't want to take her up on it & wanted to pretend I didn't even see it. I did tell her I wasn't sure, especially with how sad our team was...
...later in the game, the Chiefs were actually making up lost ground. They put up a fight. They were putting up such a great fight that I flagged her down & asked if she was still up for the wager. Even if we lost & I had to sport a Saints pic of was going to be worth it! She agreed.

Now then, if you don't know how hard I root for the Chiefs' kicker, you need to catch up RIGHT HERE to understand. Because he had an amazing game!!! He had to make up for everyone else that much so...that he led us to 1 of our 2 victories of the entire season!!!


It was quite a game. Quite. A. Game.

And, like a good sport, Lisha said she would hold up the end of her wager, and I would pick the pic for her to use. So...of course I had to use one of Ryan Succop...that I slightly doctored to add his number & "MVP" to his shirt:

The pic I chose & doctored for my friend's profile pic

It was a lot of fun. Now that preseason has been going, the Chiefs played their 1st preseason game against...guess who! That's right! The Saints! So...Lisha offered up the wager again. I'm pretty excited about our team this year, so of course I took her up on it! Why not! Amm-i-rite? it turns out, our backups to our backups' backups weren't so great. We lost in the end. a good sport...I held up my end of the wager. She picked the picture I was to sport for 24 hours:

The pic my friend picked for me to use for my profile pic

You know what? Just that was a lot of fun! No money exchanged & just 1 day of changing your profile pic if you lose the wager!

So...I got thinking...

I know a LOT of gals who are big football fans! And from all different teams! So it led me to thinking about this:

What if there was just a lighter version of a pick-a-team league out there, for the football-lovin' women? You know, you root for your team every week & wager up your profile pic for 1 day should your team lose? Yes...even if it's to one of your twitch-worthy arch rivals.

So, my pigskin pretties...who's in? Would that be something you might be interested in this season? The first official kickoff is right around the corner!

Let me know! If you're on FB, send me a private message. Or you can email me:

This could be fun...and we refuse to be the football widows, yo!

So let me know, if you know someone who would be interested & I'll start working out the details.

Sound good? Starting a League of Our Own?? *wink, wink*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


I decided to start a Facebook page specifically for this!

Head on over to WageHer (click for the link HERE), take a look around & decide if you want to join in the fun! Hope to see a bunch of the girls there!

All the football-lovin' gals, put your hands in, and "WageHer" on 3:




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