Monday, August 12, 2013

AM~Erica Takes in Some Live Football

So anyway...

You all know that I love my KC Chiefs...and I LOVE FOOTBALL! Amm-i-rite?

I'm not a bandwagon Chiefs' fan. I have been disappointed in them...but will cheer them on & stand up for them all day long. Even after the sadness of last season. It was bleak.

But I have been counting down to this season with all the changes made!!!

~ I couldn't believe WE LANDED ANDY REID!

~ I was stoked for us BRINGING ON JOHN DORSEY!

~ I was leery about GETTING ALEX SMITH.

~ I was hopeful after the NFL Draft.

After the excitement of being at training camp last year, I was super stoked for going back this year!! And the changes to practice were oh-so-obvious. Well, the very different weather helped a lot, too...

Last year, we did get to talk to, meet, get autographs & pics of/with some of the Chiefs. That was SO awesome! I think our overall favorite was Eric Berry after all of that. He was so personable & was willing to take several pics & sign anything without hesitation. He loved mingling with the fans...even in the heat of the drought!

With Eric Berry in 2012

But the one I was hoping to our kicker: #6 Ryan Succop. Because somehow I KEEP MISSING HIM! How is this?? Especially when I've been his die-hard fan from the moment we acquired him. So since I was so close last year...and I seem to keep missing him other places...or others I know keep getting to run into him...I was hoping I would get my pic with today!

We watched drills, our draft picks, we watched Coach Reid being VERY involved in the practice,
Lil Guy got to do the kids' zone,

we spotted John Dorsey (like a Sasquatch moment),

we saw running plays, touchdowns, a little tackling, smashing pads & grunting, one big hail-Mary pass, and some serious field goal kicks (like a 57-yarder, baby)!

This really is Succop & Special Teams back at 47 yd marker

They even blared a lot of music a couple of times. First song up?

Totally made me think about our high school pregames when our school would play this song for years!
Then it was followed up by more Head-Bangers' Ball playlists that rolled into hardcore rap & hiphop songs.

It was quite a morning!! Even getting thru some rain, a nice cooler morning...we got to see some of the scrimmaging & the crowds that came out 2 hours after us just to watch the scrimmage & try to catch some autographs & such.

And is when Jamaal Charles was carted off the practice field...quietly. We didn't even know it! My hubby saw a tweet about it! Go figure... practice ended. And people were beginning to gather along the field & trail borders to try to get at least an autograph from at least one player, if not their favorite...
Guess who got to meet the kicker! Go ahead...GUESS!!! No...really...!!

Cuz I don't know either. *sigh* Missed him AGAIN!!! He was still on the field working out a bit, and hubby had to head back to get to work since the practices are in the mornings.

*Imagine a pic with me posed with Ryan Succop here*


Oh well...maybe yet another time...eventually...down the line...before Succop leaves the team or retires...*sigh*

Well...onto an exciting football season...
And, for us, absolutely ANYTHING will be better than last year! always...

(You don't think that Ryan Succop is dodging me do you...???)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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