Monday, September 30, 2013

Who is AM~Erica Becoming?

So anyway...

In the last few days, my hubby & I have been laughing about where our mindset is at nowadays. As time goes along, it's so interesting to figure out where we see our wants & needs...and what things actually get us excited. You know, if someone were to ask you to make a wish list (like for Christmas or birthday), your list probably looked much differently 20 years ago, 15 years ago, 10 years ago, and even 5 years ago.

Back in my days of office & early parenting, my sights were set on gift cards for work clothes & shoes, stuff to listen to music with, things that would help me teach get the idea. Being domestically challenged in oh-so-many ways, I would have no use for 50's housewife excitement over shiny appliances. They didn't make a lot of sense to me. Some might appear on a shared list between for my hubby & me, but you wouldn't see any on mine!

When some of the vintage/retro housewife stuff started becoming popular again, I was giggling at their crazy excitement in the old ads over things that would help them with housework!

See? They are ridiculously excited for these things!!! It's pure insanity!!!!! However...

When hubby & I went to Best Buy the other day, we walked by the large appliances. And we slowed down at some fancy-schmancy washers & dryers...and then we found something like this:

Larger Front

Isn't it so amazing?? We were like kids in a candy store & drooling over this one. Not that we could even afford it right now, nor would it fit in our kitchen unless we got REALLY creative, it makes me think it should be advertised like this:

Yeah...all space-age-y & stuffs!

But that's us dreaming right now. See? Excited over a refrigerator that looks like it could blast off into space at any moment! It's so weird...and glorious!

At the same time, with my favorite time of year setting upon us, Autumn is the perfect time to break out the ol' lazy cooker for some yummy & wholesome dinners. And, even though it still works just fine, our lazy cooker was a wedding gift for us back in 1996. It's round, simple...and pink. With us starting to finally use the thing quite a bit more last year (I think we could count on 1 hand how many times it was probably used before then using 10 fingers & have some digits leftover), the more we are gonna use it, the worse it is that there's a handle falling off & stuff. So I've been "dreaming" of a new lazy cooker: a fancy-schmancy lazy cooker! An oval one with buttons & know, all space-age-y & stuffs!

My hubby found one on sale at Target, so we went to check it out. We didn't get the one we found on sale, but instead, I got excited over this outer-space gem:

Bella 6 Qt Programmable Slow Cooker  - 6 quart
I want to say that I love this lazy cooker. I've only used it once when I made chicken & noodles (my recipe HERE). And my hubby has only used it once. But whatever! I'm gonna follow this amazing piece of appliance into the future, baby!!! To infinity & beyond! Amm-i-rite??

And I was so excited about this purchase that I proclaimed to my hubby, "Well, I guess I can take that new lazy cooker off my Christmas list!" And? I wasn't kidding.

WHO AM I??? I'm not gonna say what else I have on my wish list, but I feel ridiculously like those stupid ads featuring over-the-top housewives about their household item wants. Oh wait...and sometimes I look like 'em, too! (case-in-point HERE)


Well...if it makes any difference...I am still very domestically challenged...and you definitely will never see me iron or asking for one...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


  1. You are so awesome! I know exactly what you mean about excitement over appliances too! I had a lazy cooker on my Christmas list last year, and an Iron for my birthday last year too. I had to repeatedly reassure him that I really and truly wanted these as gifts, and was in fact excited for them! He was still hesitant, since he didn't want to be "in trouble" for getting "housewifely" items. Ha!

    Also? I absolutely love your style! Fabulous!

    1. *HIGH FIVE* Sister!! Yep. My hubby will check my excitement level before even trying to get these things...or...we'll go and get them at a different time so he doesn't feel guilty about having it under the tree. *snort* It's still weird for me, though.

      And thank you, my dear.