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AM~Erica Is Busting With Pride

So anyway...

If you remember, I bragged about being a VERY PROUD PARENT! It is, at the time of this posting, the 3rd most popular right now! Well, there's more...

In that post, I did talk about Lil Guy getting his shot on stage by being a main puppet character in the church Christmas play. Even fighting a sicky virus thingy...he trodded thru like a little pro & was so awesome! Why this is an even bigger deal is a post all by itself. But he was awesome!

And, if you remember in that post, I talked about Teen Boy doing his competitive drama & debate thing. He's still on course to keep going with that stuff. Still very proud of how he's doing there...and the smarty pants keeps bursting into "debater mode." If you are familiar with this, then you totally know what I mean. It's so annoying! But I'm still a proud mama...what else can I say?

But this time...I have major bragging to do on the kiddo I haven't mention here yet...
That's right! I must, Must, MUST brag on Teen Girl! (and no, this is not hacked by's really me)

I brought up her exciting new venture as a main character in the spring play at her high school. We are so stoked & in awe about that...but wait...THERE'S MORE...!!

In participating in a lesson on script writing in her theatre class, a local playwright, connected to THE COTERIE THEATRE, had come in to give tips & help out. Now...Teen Girl can be quite OVER-dramatic about some things. She has been known to over-inflate a story to seem more victorious. She tends to have an inferiority complex...and we aren't sure why. She is so talented in so many areas...but I think when she doesn't get "THE" part (in anything) she hopes for, she really takes it hard & tries to make a mountain out of a molehill. On that note, she talked about how this playwright seemed really into her take on a fantastical script & on a separate monologue she wrote. We were very happy for her, but still took it with a grain of salt. Because, as I have said...we are also very realistic parents.

The super amazingly awesome lobby of the Coterie

Somewhere in all of this, there were script pieces submitted to the Coterie to be considered for the Young Playwright Roundtable. (OK...I need you to stay with me on this...) Thursday, Teen Girl got a text from the playwright saying that her 7-minute play & monologue were good enough to have her being considered to possibly be a part of the roundtable! But first? An the Coterie...on Friday afternoon. Well, that's exciting! So we took her to CROWN CENTER for her 10 minute interview. She seemed to think it went well.

Crown Center Square - home of the Coterie, American Heartland Theatre,
Off Center Theatre (this one makes me giggle), the famous fountains & Hallmark Card's headquarters

If you remember in my other bragging post about the speeches I give her, I told her, "OK, now that you've had your interview...I need to still give you one of the speeches. *clears throat* Now remember..."
She cut me off to tell me that I didn't need to give her the speech. She went on to tell me that she was very happy knowing that she was even being considered. She couldn't believe it since she hasn't been happy with her writing, so this was an accomplishment in its own right. We were also informed that she would not be disappointed if she didn't make the roundtable. Not only was she excited that her work seemed to be good enough to have her considered...but she got to meet a couple of playwrights in the midst of this.

WOW! Color me proud by that proclamation!

Well, she was to find out on Saturday (today) whether or not she got in or not.


SHE'S IN!!!! she's in, She's In, SHE'S IN!!! *jumps up & down excitedly* She is now on the in of a great theatre! If you looked at the link (above) for the theatre, you will see it's been considered one of the top 5 theaters for young audiences in the country by Time Magazine. And Teen Girl is now a part of it.

This is a girl that loves the spotlight when it comes to stage things: choir/singing, musicals, know anything that gets her attention on stage. She's quite different in the real world. But she holds on to big broadway dreams. I can't blame her, but we try to keep her grounded, too.

Well...not too long ago, I came across a blog post from a friend of mine. If you've not heard of this girl, go check out the honest, raw & grateful I WANT A DUMPSTER BABY! You'll understand why we get along. But there was THIS PARTICULAR BLOG POST that hit home so hard...I knew I needed Teen Girl to read the reality that she could face.

For years, my hubby & I have been trying help Teen Girl groom her talents, but letting her know that not everyone gets these big parts because they show up. Then it took this blog post (from someone else, of course) to open her eyes. She cried for a while about it & it stuck in her head. She realized that she could still continue in her love, but to take it a step at a time. It was that blog post from my friend that allowed my daughter to realize she could try other things & that she may have greater talents in the same kind of area.

My friend is an inspiration & is about ready to pop with twins tomorrow! A whole 38-week, full term set! What beautiful timing that Teen Girl, who was inspired by my friend, Katy, to try new things. Teen Girl is getting the blessing of having bigger dreams realized as well as Katy in a different way.

This is a great new year! Teen Girl needed this. She will get to see her play on stage with actors, costumes, sets & the Coterie! And? She is on the roundtable until she graduates! She gets to work on more things to come. Maybe even that monologue...that she actually based on the gratefulness & personality of my friend. The character's name is Jessica Kate. (Partially because Teen Girl thinks Katy looks like Jessica Simpson. She's gorgeous, people.)

And, on top of the making the roundtable and being a main character in the spring play, Teen Girl has been invited, for the 2nd year in a row, to be a part of Fine Arts Night at the high school. It's an evening where incoming freshman (current 8th graders) and their families can check out many of the electives offered thru the high school. Last year, Teen Girl was one of a small handful (like maybe a total of 7 students) to help highlight the theatre department. She got to do a monologue...and she did it beautifully. This year, she's been asked to do it with a small scene with 2 other people, among another very small handful of theatre students. This is exciting!!

Also...she is working up a solo for choir contest. This girl is going to keep us delightfully busy as she slowly builds her resume.

We are oh-so proud of her!

Oh...her first roundtable meeting? TOMORROW AFTERNOON! Yes...I told you all of this happened very quickly.

Let the rejoicing commence!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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  1. How wonderful Lizzy and momma!!! Be proud and may God Bless this next step in her path for greatness. Although she is pretty great now and comes from some good Miss you all. JoDee and David