Wednesday, March 19, 2014

AM~Erica Missed Another One

So anyway...

Since I do a lot of celebrating (*insert sarcastic gasp of shock here*), it's hard to believe when I find more. And I have had friends share with me more holidays, too!

Even crazier...these extra couple of holidays fall in March...within the same week of the close-together holidays!

Wow! March really IS full of a ton of celebrating!!

How does one keep up?

My hubby & I are really loving watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! And we are settling in to a bit of the routine he has. (which isn't a whole lot...but some) Fridays, Jimmy likes to catch up on some personal things: checking his inbox, returning some emails...and sending out weekly Thank You Notes! Much like this one he sent last week:

Holy Cannoli! There'
There's also Dr. Seuss' birthday, Pi Day, Ides of March...and even March Madness is getting ready to begin...

I did have a friend flag me down for March 16th:

It fell on a Sunday...and I did make it to church! I did get in some great worship time! I think I showed a lot of love & compassion that day. So...I was already striving to live up to John: 3:16...

Then I found out about another day coming up! Folks...let's get ready to recognize March 20th! Shall we? Grab your cardigan & get ready to be neighborly. It's supposed to be "Favorite Neighbor Day"! is remembering the birthday of Fred Rogers. Yes...THE Mr. Rogers. So many of us grew up with him. I grew up watching him...and so did my older kids. So...let's do this & jump on board!
TOMORROW, PEOPLE! Mark it down!

Then? I realized today is actually St. Joseph's Day. So, I wore red & figured out I need to reach deep to get with my Italian roots, too. (Yes...I really do have Italian heritage in me...and actually have familial ties to Susan B. Anthony, from what I understand...) Pasta was not in the plan tonight for dinner. However, I did read about what some of the feast consists of. I have a really great Lazy Lou Lasagna that would be PERFECT if you made it meatless & grated some lemon zest on top! (recipe HERE) I'm also researching more.'s what I do. I'm not putting the little info I have so far...I'm going to continue to research so I will be more prepared next year!

WHEW!! There really is a lot of celebrating! Just keep researching, celebrating life, have experiences in the celebrations, always keep learning...and just create memories... (find out about my celebrations HERE)

...especially in March...apparently...

In the meantime, get your cardigan ready!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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