Monday, March 10, 2014

AM~Erica Lost an Hour

So anyway...

I am taking a small break from the March celebrating (find out about all of it HERE) to talk about another event that takes place in March now...

This used to happen the 1st Sunday in April, but recently got changed. And it tends to be hard on EVERYONE to start out with. The adjustment can be a beast for several days!

I'm talking about changing the clocks to skip an hour. Daylight Savings Time sets in, and we have a 23-hour day. You have to hope to remember to change your clocks (if it doesn't change automatically) to know not to be an hour late to wherever you need to be. It. Is. Hard.

"And remember, this is for posterity. So be honest."
As I got around for Sunday felt like I'd lost an hour. Coffee was so needed, for sure!

It was a little hard getting the kiddos around for church, too. But it was going to be a beautiful day! So that did help, after this whole winter stuff. At least the weather was a truly welcome change, if the time change wasn't!

So, we went to church. The morning was moving & fulfilling! Hubby's message on Pulpit AND Table was so on point! It spoke of the importance of getting the message AND the importance of communion. The music was fantastic & worshipful. Worshiping with others had the Spirit moving, for sure.

Plus, hubby was in a delightfully weird mood. Things are falling into place for enrichment of all sorts at church. And the weather was beautiful!

Have I mentioned how much I love being around positive people? Because I do! (find out about these people HERE) And I got to chat with several positive people that morning. It all put a fun little pep in my step! It felt SO good!

We got home to chill out a bit before needing to get to the evening schedule...

It was a makeup week for taking Teen Girl to the Coterie Theater (read why HERE). Last weeks had to be cancelled due to awful winter weather. Go figure. But I love taking Teen Girl! I get to take in some famous KC sights! I love spending a couple of hours meandering around Crown Center & Union Station.

However, at the moment, Crown Center is really rough. Many stores have left or either closed or closing due to the massive take-over of Halls for the 3rd floor. Pretty much, Halls is closed right now. Many stores are either trying to relocate, or just leave. It's really sad to look at...

The sad remains of Victoria's Secret...
...about the only empty store that was temporarily uncovered Sunday
Even worse...the parking garage is blocking a lot of parking right now, too. It's really frustrating!

However...I do enjoy taking The Link over to Union Station. (check out one of my Link trips HERE) I decided to stay indoors since the wind was so strong that afternoon. And The Link was toasty warm with the warming of the sun shining thru it!

As I got over to Union Station, I decided to walk around a bit. Must've been the nice weather bringing people out...cuz it was SO BUSY!!  I wanted to walk downstairs...just to walk...and something caught my eye in a little tucked away corner. In a tiny hallway-type room that is usually roped off, I caught sight of a ballerina. It appeared she was warming up for something! So, I had to sneak a couple of pics of this gorgeous artwork:

Got the UMB sculpture in there to look like that's what I focussing on in case she turned around...
...look at all of the art happening at once! Amazing, right?

The amazingly beautiful tatted ballerina!

I watched her for a moment go up on pointe, looking out the window, even hitting a couple of poses. And it was her dainty appearance of the tutu & pointe shoes along with her vivid tattoos with it. It was eye-catching irony. I, then, began to realize she was having her own photo shoot. The photographer was fairly young & I think the photographer & ballerina might be sisters. They looked very much alike! I waited for a break...then stuck my head in to let her know how stunning she is! The photographer got really excited! She bounded over to where I was standing to show me a few of the photos on the camera taken of the dancer. It was awe-inspiring! And I was in the right place, at the right time, and just conscious enough to see what was going in in a far corner of Union Station...

There was a big smile on my face as I headed down that stair case. It made me miss hardcore dancing. And it opened my eyes to the layers of art happening in that situation...

I meandered a bit downstairs, and then decided to head back up. No time for me to see a movie, and the Irish Museum was already closed for the day. So I headed up the escalator...and the marquee at the top just really caught my eye this time:

Not sure why it caught my eye today...but it did. And I've seen the model trains...but I was really taken with the marquee this day. And the other side is about the downstairs Theater District...again...not sure why the marquee seemed more prevalent. Either's a great, double-sided marquee!

I also took in Cafe' Parisi. If you want some pretty good hipster coffee, try it!

Macchiato pictured here...but have also enjoyed the Affogato.

As I was headed back to Crown Center from Union Station...I saw several folks with fancy cameras wandering around. I even saw an engagement photo session taking place under the famous Union Station clock! Love & Spring were abound at Union Station...and many people wanted to capture a lot of these moments & take in the scenery, too!

Now then...I still haven't full-on color-streaked my hair. But I am still using the hair chalk for now. So...this is how my hair looked:

OK...this is important to some of the story, y'all. I promise!

As I was in The Link, there was guy with a couple of girls. I'm guessing it was either daughters or granddaughters... One of the girls was a tween or young teenager (maybe 13 or 14 TOPS), and then there was a much younger girl, maybe about age 7, who was in this very fancy dress. It was like she wanted to be a princess for the outing. As I walked by...the gentleman loudly pointed out my hair & wanted to show the girls! I was happy to oblige & show them the pink & purple showing brightly in the sun. The guy sounded like he was gonna take the girls to get colors in their hair! That was entertaining...

Then I went back to Crown Center to kill some time. I looked around a couple of shops still open. I'm always entertained by the Magic of Christmas store. It really is mostly Christmas...and then a semi-nod to whatever major holiday is approaching...with ornaments on trees & such. But I was taken by their St. Paddy's display INSIDE the store:

If that Irish Soda Bread dish wasn't $30...I would have been all over getting it! And I didn't want to spend $12-13 for the mugs, either. But I sure loved looking at them!

But then I went across the hall to the very large (as it should be) Hallmark store. I looked around at all the different things they have...
And then I came across the most adorable Middle Eastern employee! I want to point out her background because of the cutest conversation we had...and her accent just made her that much more adorable! So, here's how it went down...and I want you to imagine her accent in this conversation:

Her:  Your hair is so pretty!
Me:  Thank you!
Her:  It make me think of that "orchid" color...Brilliant Orchid?
Me:  *laughs* Ah! Radiant Orchid!
Her:  Yes! Radiant Orchid! You hair make me think of that color. Is it color of year? Right?
Me:  It sure is! And I'm glad you picked up on it! It makes me think of the Cheshire Cat, so I did my hair like it!
Her:  *SMILES*

*Note:  She pronounced "orchid" as it is spelled...and I pronounced it as we do, "Or-kid".*

What a precious conversation! And she totally got my hair inspiration! (reminder HERE) That was so awesome!

I left Hallmark & walked around a bit more. I finally headed back toward Coterie & got to chat to a couple of the other moms hanging out there...

Then, we headed home. I couldn't wait to get out of the parking mess & Crown Center mess...but got to go home to get some dinner...GRILLED!! Woo-Hoo!! Hubby got to grill for the 1st time don't even remember when. Those brats tasted SO good!

And then hubby & I topped off the night with a bottle of moscato Antioxidant-Fortifed Jesus Water.

Missing out on that hour wasn't as big of a deal as I thought it would be! My day was great!

So, Count Rugen...keep your hour! I didn't need it!

Now to take in another beautiful March day! Yes...even for a Monday...because Missouri weather is about to set in & I want to take in the nice weather when I can!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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