Saturday, March 8, 2014

AM~Erica So Enjoys March

So anyway...

I know I've been on my major celebrating kick lately...but, hey! It's March!

March has some seriously awesome & totally fun things to celebrate &/or commemorate, yo!

We have Dr. Seuss' Birthday. (read about it HERE)

We can have Mardi Gras, like this year. (read about it HERE)

Those are now checked off of the list for 2014...and now looking to plan for a crazy run of close-together holidays:

Pi Day is coming...and so is the Ides of March! (read about them HERE)

Then, even though it's not a weird holiday, per se, it does need to have it's celebrating looked at. St. Patrick's Day comes right after Pi Day (3/14) & the Ides of March (3/15). So, we gotta plan ahead to get it all in!

I already know that Pi Day will consist of eat of pie. should be about math & other nerdicle things, but math really does hurt my head. So it will consist of at least pizza. Maybe some kind of pie for dessert. Other than that...not sure. But it would be awesome to host a Nerd Party on 3/14/ let's all think about this next year! Epicness might happen. Until then...the plan is pizza on Pi Day Friday (my hubby came up with that rhyme).

For the Ides of March, it will be Caesar Salad & a large Italian feast. And no visiting of government buildings with friends. Oh...and togas! Or something Roman-inspired to wear for the day.

Those are usually pretty well in place. But I like to keep thinking thru & then thinking thru some more about St. Patrick's Day.

If you remember...corned beef & cabbage is NOT an Irish dish! I'm not a fan of corned beef that works for me! Last year, I made an adapted Dublin Coddle. (read about it HERE) I like it! Hubby is OK with it...the kiddos are still whiny! So...the search continues for an authentic meal we ALL will try & hopefully enjoy. Oh...and no pork since we have a non-pork eater. I have found a flavorful beef dish to try...a potato side, a cabbage side & will hope to go back to try tradition Irish soda bread. A couple of Irish-inspired desserts are being planned, too. Hoping to take in the KC parade & catch an Irish movie. We usually do "The Quiet Man" since it's my hubby's fave movie, anyway...but would like to work in "Darby O'Gill & the Little People" as a change. We shall see... to some more planning & prep for the upcoming holidays. I've turned on some Irish music to get me focused!

Have I mentioned I love this time of year? Cuz I do...I really, Really, REALLY do!

Are you gonna join in? Let's do this!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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