Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AM~Erica's March Madness

So anyway...

It's still March. There's been a lot happening in March. It's Madness.

There is so much celebrating that happens in March (reminder HERE) that I make sure to take part in...and kind of force the family to do, too. And there is a crazy basketball thing happening, too.

I realize the college basketball tournament is referred to as "March Madness" due to the fact that any team can beat another team on any given day. This causes great upsets in the well as people's brackets they fill out in hopes of winning money for guessing the most wins all the way down to the championship game. (By the way...I won an office bracket challenge one year. True story.)

The tournament this year has had folks being completely upset over their brackets as so many upper seeds fell out within the first round or two. Coming up on the Sweet 16, there's not many in this grouping that folks actually predicted. this is considered part of the "madness"...this is nothing compared to what my March has looked like.

On top of the celebrating, we have had a family birthday, the start up of sports practices, playwright's roundtable (find out about that HERE), speech & debate tournaments, church stuff, school stuff, 3rd grade insanity of a One-Book-One-School wrap up event & wax museum to prepare for...on top of working all of this stuff around the crazy winter that just won't go away!

Oh...did I mention that we are trying to prepare Teen Girl for prom, too? Just the dress decision has been maddening enough. And they have an early prom! This would be on top of getting her thru her last few*sigh*

Plus hubby & I have gotten a little more social in our going out. Who do we think we are??

And I do want to mention that we got to see Tim Hawkins (our favorite comic right now) live, along with a new found (to us) funny guy, John Crist. I laughed so hard for nearly 2-hours straight. I think I got a serious workout that night!

John Crist & Tim Hawkins teaming up for musical tweets


Did I mention that we are supposed to be going into spring break right now, but we've lost a day of it because of the amount of snow days that need made up? Yeah...that, too.

Today is when I sent Lil Guy to school with a book presentation poster we worked on, pictures for the presentation, costume get together for the 3rd grade wax museum (which is such an awesome thing if you don't know what that post on it coming soon) along with the speech rehearsing, prep for the pre-spelling test...and then come home to probably eat something before Teen Girl has a singing rehearsal tonight for our church's Easter cantata coming up on Palm Sunday...

Oh yeah...I've also been preparing for a Good Friday reading & a dance for Easter. Plus, I'll be getting ready for my part in the Easter cantata, too.

Pa-sha! Basketball-schamasketball!

If there was a reality TV show based on our would be ratings magic with the madness going on right now!

I'm about ready to have a lovely tea party with the Mad Hatter & Alice. Only fitting the March Hare is part of it...

We're all mad here.
Hope you enjoyed my 300th post! See? More madness!!!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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