Saturday, March 15, 2014

AM~Erica Still Not Good at Math & Didn't Visit a Government Building

So anyway...

I'm in the midst of celebrating like CRAZY!

Yesterday, March 14th, was National Pi Day. How did you celebrate?

OK...I'll admit that I'm still working on this one...

I am SO not good at math. It hurts my head. Just when I start filling my head with brain takes a strange detour & it is all like, "Whoa! Check out these other numbers & figures I can come up with!" And then it comes across a land mind of a brain cell...and there is a semi-brain cell explosion...

Not. Pretty.

Anyhoo...when Pi Day rolls around, I just stick with what I know: piE!

So, we have pizza (we enjoyed Minsky's pizza), then finished off with oatmeal cream pies from Little Debbie.
I was trying really hard to find Moon Pies...but we didn't have time to make the stop at Bass Pro (yes, they carry Moon Pies) or to clean out a convenient store stash of them. I was  SO disappointed!! But we still enjoyed what we had.

Next year? I think I want a quiche for breakfast & a pot pie for lunch. I also want some of those Moon Pies!

With National Pi Day being on a Saturday next year...I so want to do a Pi Day Nerd Pizza Party! That would be amazing! Especially since I found this out:

Albert Einstein was born on March 14th! Is that so fitting? Just SO appropriate??
Plus, next year, Pi Day will be on 3/14/15! Oh...SO fitting! I am starting to get my wheels turning...

Oh...and my smarticle Teen Boy did use pi to figure out that our pizzas were 22 square inches, each. Yeah...I had a brain cell explode...


Let's move on to today. Yep...another celebration! Of course...

Today is the Ides of March. Did you beware today? This day is when Julius Caesar met his demise. He was literally stabbed in the back (and several other places) on the steps of the Senate in ancient Roman times...

Well, I dressed as toga-like as possible without having to wear a sheet:

Americana: Roman Goddess of Celebration & Caffeine?
...or not...

And I went out in public several times looking like this...

We didn't do much thru the day, but I was so excited for this evening! Our slightly cheesy, yet semi-authentic food was on the menu!

We enjoyed some chicken Caesar salad (with Romaine lettuce)

with grilled cheese croutons & some lighter Caesar dressings

along with a sesame seed Italian bread loaf

three kinds of cubed cheese along with some mini antipastos

and some fruit

And it was all SO good!! A fest fit for Caesar, for sure!!

About the only thing that was missing was my bacon-wrapped figs. Why? I couldn't find any dried figs to use! So upset...still hope to find some to make soon!

Also ran out of time to make sour grapes & fig newton brownies. Bummer!

Then...what else could we possibly do for the Ides of March?
How about NOT go to a government building with friends! Passing up any government building was high on our list...but there had to be more!'s where we went instead:

That's right! Orange Julius at the mall! YUM!!

So we had Orange Julius & Caesar Salad to celebrate remember the Ides of March! *SNORT*

So...hitting a Roman-goddess-like pose was completely called for!

Yep...I went there... (and it's OK...I realize how big of a goober I am)

OK...good celebrating these last couple of days...and sparking future celebrating, too!

Let's consider this diem totally carped!! Shall we?

Stay tuned...(St. Paddy's is comin')

God Bless, AM~Erica

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