Sunday, November 18, 2012

AM~Erica Delivers a Near Parenting Win

So anyway...

As a parent, you have to figure out a different way to get a point thru to your kids...I have done several in the past, but I wanted to share my newest one that I was prepared to use. I didn't get to use it, but a particular child of mine now knows what I can be capable of.

Teen Girl (I bet you knew I'd be talking about this kiddo) had a part in her high school play this weekend. Somehow, at some point along the way before Teen Girl ever got to this school, there has been an interesting tradition of a cast party following every show. I mean, seriously? They pick a different restaurant after every show. I don't know why...but it's what happens.

The show that was picked this time was "The King and I." If you are familiar with this story and show, you know it's a 3 hour event. If the evening shows don't begin until 7:00 or after, that puts the show being over around 10:00 or after. Then, costumes must come off & getting ready to go. So the kids don't even really head away from the school until 10:30 (since they greet the masses afterward). Many places close around 11:00 around here. So, they were having difficulty finding suitable places. (should've been a hint to cut off the "tradition", but whatever)

Well, I ended up being one of the drivers for Teen Girl & a imagine my shock when yet another hopped in, too. Not a bad thing, just didn't expect it. But off we went. And, come to find out, Teen Girl needed me to pick her back up by midnight. UGH!!!

So, I came home, did a couple of chores & then had a brilliant parenting idea...

I'd already texted her that I planned to get HER & that I wasn't going to be driving around all over the place after midnight. We had church in the morning, the quicker to bed, the better! Since I didn't hear anything back, I wasn't sure what she might pull. So, I pulled out the big guns...

I put on my pajamas, slippers & a bright red robe to go get her. This served several purposes:

1. I was already for bed, so all I had to do was come home & make sure all was closed up so I could get some shut eye.

B. It would be delightfully embarrassing for her if she promised a friend or 2 a ride home & mom is doing it in her PJ's. Oh yes indeed.

III. If she was not out there by midnight and she wouldn't answer her phone or text from me...I would epically embarrass her by strolling into the restaurant dressed for bed. Oh yes. Oh yes.

Quatro. I'd be comfy.

Well, when I pulled up, she was standing outside waiting for me...with a friend. Then only she got into the car. Only a slight let down. I mean, she did what she was supposed to, but I didn't get to use my awesome parenting superpower of embarrassment. *sigh*

She got it & looked at me. Then she said, "Well, you look cute." I don't think she realized what was up my sleeve. Then I turned all super villain & told her my plan (much like Heinz Doofenshmirtz would to Perry the Platypus [aka - Agent P] describing the Emarrassment-o-nator).

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz describing to trapped Agent P about his grand plan to take over the
Tri-State Area with some invention.

She looked at me with a delightfully horrified look...and said, "No! Just no. You look 'stay-in-the-car' cute." *snort*

However, I did let her know that I am not afraid to pull that card again. I just told her I was prepared with warfare. She might think the next time she pulls a surprise of extra people or not being ready when I need to get her. She might not know what to expect...
Dr. Evil & Mr. Bigglesworth
~awesome super villain~


Feel free to tap into your super-villain parenting super powers. It's kind of fun. The look you'll

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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