Saturday, November 17, 2012

AM~Erica is Preparing for That Time of Year

So anyway...

It's time to refocus on much more positive subject than my previous SCATHING POST. Instead we will focus on that time of year. Yes...THAT time of year!

Even though stores & advertisements have already jumped on the winter holiday bandwagon, we hitch our ride on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Since some family comes over for brunch on that day, we like to show off our decorations. And we have made it a tradition, but decided to do some different things this year. Because I've talked about CHANGING TRADITIONS before, too. We decided to approach this family holiday tradition differently this year.

For one, I've already DECORATED A TREE, but it wasn't for us, if you remember. But it's now time to handle our own house...

Usually, we think the kids feel forced & at least one of them gets super grumpy & it makes the day very stressful. So we changed & decided that it wouldn't bother us if the kids didn't want to do anything. If they do, fantastic! Teen Girl jumped on the task of cookie baking...

Teen Girl took the pic of her 10 dozen cookies. She added the milk. She rocked!

While that was going on, hubby put together our brand new, 9 ft, prelit tree. Hubby has been wanting a hugenormous tree for years. He finally got it.

Hubby introducing the baby to a Christmas tree
And it's huge. However...I am the designated tree fluffer. So...a brand new tree, way taller than I am, and trying to figure out which way it's gonna go. took me around 4-ish hours to fluff. That's crazy stuff, folks! But the boys were all putting lights on the house & bringing up the rest of the decoration boxes.

FINALLY, it came time to decorate the tree. Here's how it came out:

That Santa tree topper is our original tree topper...first time in years he's been  on the tree top

Our tree has white lights & mulitcolor twinkly lights. For the last several years, we decided a star would be more appropriate for our 6 ft & 7.5 ft trees we've had. That pretty star looked dwarfed on this largenormous tree. So...we got to bring Santa back! Santa was the very first tree topper for hubby & I, back in 1995. Even when we switched him out, he was still part of the Christmas surroundings.'s nice to have Ol' St. Nick back on top!

That was a tradition throwback. But we changed something. This is a huge thing for my hubby, too...we didn't put garland on the tree! *GASP* Instead...we just draped ribbon. You have no idea what change up this is!! But we love it.

But the decor doesn't just stop there...
We also did the mantle:

We are very happy with it...however, for most you notice anything missing? That's right! There are NO stockings hung by the chimney with care. Not at all! There are just too many people who celebrate together in this, instead...

We had to hang them by the tree, instead. We couldn't fit ALL of these on our poor mantle. I'm big on having the stockings by the fireplace...but you know what? I love them here! So adorable!

Then...I put up our fairly new-to-us Nativity. We had been using the one my mom & dad had since they were married. That Nativity scene is 44-years-old. We really needed a new one, as the antique was starting to show age (we were hoping to just keep the poor camel's let on). Last year, after my grandmother had to move out of her home into an assisted living facility, we ended up with her all white collectable Nativity fom Avon: is set up under our TV so it's always there to look at as our reminder...not in a corner somewhere.
That's what we got done today. We aren't done, as I put up more trees & decor. But the main part is pretty much done. It may get a tweak or 2...but that's our day's work.

And...all of this while listening to Christmas music. Of course.

It's not time for the outside lights for us yet. We will wait until Thanksgiving night to switch those on. You know, like the Plaza lights! LOL!

Let's get this Christmas party started!!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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