Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AM~Erica Needs to See Some Respect - Show It

So anyway...

As you all know probably know by now, I'm not the most political person...but I've had to get on my soapbox in the last several months because of the immaturity of both sides of the aisle. Ugly & bratty was & still is hard to deal with. Especially when it's supposedly a bunch of "adults".

Those of you acting like you would be a martyr for your own party? Oh, puh-leez!

So that's why I have tried to start a movement of PURPLE POLITICS...the voice of compromise in our government. The urge of the lefty-democrat-blue drinkers & the righty-republican-red drinkers to come to the middle & pour your glasses of bitterness into the middle to create a sweet flavor of purple.

So I have been on a mission to find my perfect political shirt: a purple Koolaid Man tshirt! Oh Yeah!

There are others who have hopped onto the purple bandwagon. A place needed to be created where the moderates could actually feel like they/we could speak up. One of my bandwagon riders was on my mission to get me a koolaid shirt. She won & found it first...that's a whole other story that I may blog about soon...cuz it's entertaining. But here is my shirt, y'all:

Can you read my note? It says "Enjoy!"

See? I look like my pic above...OK, it's blurry, but I have on no makeup. No one needs to see that.

I do wish I could've had it before election day, but not this time. However, I will still wear it loud & proud. When you all see it, you will know what it stands for! Because it was not loud enough to get thru the campaign season...

That was quite the round of campaigning & elections, don't you think? It was a dizzying & gut-wrenching journey that I couldn't NOT wait see come to an end. There is a large number of people who did not like destination chosen by majority.

So now, I gotta pull out my soapbox again. I haven't gotten on it in quite some time. And apparently the time has come for me to jump on. So brace we go:

I have gotten on my SOAPBOX before about the level of nasty, one-sided politics. And I have seen the liars come out in full force. I'm not even talking about candidates, either. I'm talking about all the ridiculous supporters who keep on their blinders about what the post & what they say. You can't say you want peaceful posts & "discussion", put out your "prayer requests", and pretend you are looking for a better solution when you also put hateful, vile, and personal attacks on top of fake & mistruth information that is such a twisted truth. And you actually believe you are saying the right things?

I'm going to tell both sides something right now. If you haven't picked it up from my other posts about this, then pay attention now:

When you put that stuff out there, you look like the biggest jerk & no one with actual common sense is going to listen to it. If you want things to be better, then quit it with the smut & mud slinging from your own walls. Seriously.

There was a time (before social media) when there was this thing called "RESPECT" for our leaders. But now we can just say as hateful & childish things as ever. Even though that's part of our 1st amendment right, the vile levels from BOTH sides really should be come down upon. Personal attacks & trying to undercut in bratty ways should be a felony. Yep, I said it. (Thank you, 1st Amendment!) You think that thought is not OK? I've got more.

We just finished recognizing our veterans for their service & sacrifices to make sure our entire country was free. The United States of America...and the word "united" is in there. This part is VERY important. We are coming back to this...

As the election results have come out, and the voting wasn't quite as close as it was predicted to be, "sides" are now trying to hurl their koolaid at each other & anyone else. Remember that whole "ugly" thing? You're being a jerk thing? We aren't listening to you since you sound like your having a whiney brat tantrum thing? Yeah...

The dirt level of posts has risen instead of faded.

Seriously! Stop.

Even worse about the election results? There is going to be a primal civil war that may break out due to the lack of tolerance & respect. The majority spoke & now you are trying to blame & point fingers & discount whoever the majority clearly chose because you are clearly less than tolerant & are bad sports.

This civil war I speak of has to do with the states who want to not be part of the UNITED States any longer. I'm embarrassed to say I'm in one of those states. Talk about near-treasonous levels of thinking! (told you it would get worse) There are even veterans who are touting the fleeing. All they have fought for & they are setting such bad examples coming back.

Do you remember when George W. Bush was running for office & there were several celebrities who threw big hissy fits stating they would move out of the country if he won? So many of you offered up your support in helping them pack. You are the ones who gave them an openly hard time about leaving the greatest country & blah-blah-blah. don't like the outcome now? So you've upped the ante? Shameful.

Those of you who stated you would move to Canada if the election didn't turn out like you'd hoped, they are successfully running programs & have a tolerance level in place...the ones you were hoping to run from. Think about that for a moment.

Oh...and not everyone in each state thinks exactly the same. You can't just up & take your state to go home cuz things didn't go as you thought. An entire state is not like a baseball, folks. Oh...and then what? Government would look very differently. You would have no representation. You just sit in your corners & pout. By the way...what if we now had to have border patrol between states because you now don't belong to The States? That would make you an immigrant. Congratulations! Oh, and please give up any Social Security your getting paid, any other aid, and any military &/or government benefits. Thank you.

Now...that doesn't take into account all the crazy thinking of the far left, either. If you voted just so you could secure handouts...then that's not right. A lot of people do need handouts once in a while. But...those that take advantage of the system need to be reeled in!! I do think there should be drug tests for welfare. I'm just gonna say it! And, if you are on welfare/food stamps, you don't have the money for alcohol, cigarettes, tattoos, drugs...I mean, c'mon! Oh...and if I need to show my ID to pay with my card at JC Penney or Goodwill, or many  other places, it won't kill you to have some sort of ID when you are asked. If you have something to will come out. And breaking the system to keep having kids so YOU can get free healthcare is not right either. Where's the money to feed you 7 kids when you can hardly keep a roof over your head & tummies filled, then shut down the baby factory & try to do something to get back on your feet. Plus...there are so many out there who want a family & have trouble having the kids. Why are you hoarding the population for yourself? Greed? You call that "trying to get by"? There's couples out there who cannot or have issues conceiving that have so much love to give. They need the children you can't take care of. After a certain period of time, the hand-out-only takers need to be cut off & actually contribute to society.

I would also like to point out that some of these couples who cannot conceive just cannot physically do it together. But they are loving people who are much more willing to take care of a child than most parents out there now. Why would we want to stop that? I would also like to bring up that there is no sanctity in marriage, overall, right now based on the current divorce rate. So why are we concerned about who gets married when you may be on your 3rd marriage right now? Something to think on.

We need to find some common sense, folks. Be UNITED! Stop worrying about these trivial things & work on what is good for the people. Guess what? That might mean it's not JUST in line with your personal thinking. Isn't that great about this country of the UNITED States? And if you claim "These Colors Don't Run, " then don't support running away from this great country. We can come together, people. It's possible. Open your hearts & minds about it.

Oh...and if you want to tout praying for the country, then do it. And if you prayed that God would direct our country & elections in the direction it needs to go, then complain we full of idiots, you might want to think about how you pray.

And if "the other side" is saying things that are's just as immature to keep posting & saying things that are supposed to cut them back down, too.


I will put my soapbox up for now. The ugly needs to stop. We need to support our country in the here-and-now. Respect, people. Show it. For all leaders. The ones that were voted in by majority from the citizens of this great & united country.

The power of purple, baby! It's OK to compromise for the greater good! OH YEAH!!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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