Thursday, April 25, 2013

AM~Erica Will be Watching the NFL Draft: the DVR'd Special

So anyway...


Today is a big day.

Today is a big day for KC.

Today is the 1st round of the annual NFL Draft.

Today...Kansas City Chiefs have the #1 pick overall in that draft. FINALLY!

And, as my entire day has been turning upside-down &'s taken me hours to get to this part in this post. And we are just under an hour until the draft begins...

Now isn't going down as hoped...

It's about being a parent. Being a parent can throw some wrinkles into timing of things. Sometimes it thwarts our original plans all together. You know...kind of like MISSING COMIC-CON to be a parental unit instead.

Well...I am missing (again) meeting my kicker. That's right... Ryan Succop is the player I root for. Ever since the 2009 draft.

A. He was crowned that year's draft's "Mr. Irrelevant" (aka - the last player chosen); went to KC

2. He's a kicker

III. His last name is pronounced "suck-up"

Everything was against this poor guy. So I took it upon myself to be his fan. Someone needed to be rooting for him...and I decided it would be me. And this is while we were living in St. Louis. He may have been crowned "Mr. Irrelevant", but I crowned him as my very own Chiefs' player.

Well...he was making a couple of quick appearances at a couple of draft parties in town. Because of being a mommy on kiddo time...going to either of these was now out of play (sorry for the pun)

I barely missed him when we checked out Chiefs' training camp last year. I was so close to get my pic with my very own Succop jersey...but it was the one day in the entire drought-like conditions that sent a storm a-brewin'...and the quick evacuation of the players before I could get to him. *sigh* figures.

Hard to see...but it's my #6 Succop jersey

Then...who schedules things around here during a BIG drafting moment? about Lil Guy's very last football make up practice (irony?) & a meeting hubby had to be at. Go figure.

Yes...DURING the draft. What is wrong with this pic??? So much...that's what.

However...we are in an age where we can record, via DVR, and watch the event later. But I'm super bummed that we couldn't get to a party, or just watch live...or take in big festivities. Cuz it's an exciting time in KC right now, yo.

This week has had me in many different places:

1. A fine-dining/antioxidant-fortified Jesus water outing at OUR LOVE LOCK SPOT with great company

II. A poetry & music filled concert at the Kauffman Center, called Verses & Voices

C. Took in a night of the Young Playwright Festival at the Coterie Theater at Crown Center - in which Teen Girl is PART OF THE ROUND TABLE

#. I will be helping with costumes for Teen Girl's play next week

As you can see: I am having a very cultured week. I think my pinky finger may be permanently raised with so much culture taken in. I really NEEDED this sporting event!

Don't get me wrong...I love the cultured stuffs! LOVE IT!!! But there's gotta be some balance for me...

If you weren't aware, or might have forgotten, I REALLY LOVE FOOTBALL. Especially my Chiefs. It's totally my hubby's fault, too.

But we will have to enjoy this as a delayed special. And not until my hubby is home from his meeting.

And now as I start this part of the post, the draft has been going for 30 minutes. And we must wait...

But it didn't stop me from dressing the part.

I will always show my support!

Even the Royals (who are doing very well so far) even pulled off an unbeliveable extra inning win in celebration of the great things in Kansas City! Amm-i-rite?

2013 is a good year for sports in KC. We can feel it!!


So it looks like we will get to start watching the NFL Draft: DVR Special in about 1 hour delay. You know...for censorship...and stuffs. Amm-i-rite? *shrugs*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

**** Oh...and because of kiddos getting cleaned up for the may be on an hour-&-a-half delay. Go figure in the Parenthood...*sigh* Tick-Tick...

***** OK...maybe only 1 hour & 15 minutes. Whatever...still behind. But gonna watch...GONNA WATCH!!!

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