Wednesday, January 29, 2014

AM~Erica Does Not Want the Preview

So anyway...

As I pointed out the other day (right HERE), there's a big event coming up that a lot folks get into watching!

On Sunday evening, there will be a highly anticipated game shown: The Super Bowl!

It's crazy what all goes into this game & around it! From the hype, to the coverage, to the odds making/bets, the food, the rivalries, the tickets, the travel, the food, the tailgating (except for this year...stupid), the parties...there's a lot that happens, yo!

Hopefully the Chiefs are on the right track to finally get back to the big game soon...but this wasn't the year. *sad trombone* We'll get there...we will! WE WILL GET BACK THERE!!!


That's not what I want to talk about, though...

Part of the excitement of the game is one of the most expensive & entertaining parts:
The Commercials!

Oh man, oh man...I so look forward to the commercials! Oh Yeah!!

The wonder of what the crazy companies did with their 30-second spots worth millions of dollars! (which is totally insane, by the way)

Budweiser usually tops the pack with some crazy-amazing spots! Coke & Pepsi have both had some good ones in the past, Doritos has recently stepped up with fan spots, and there are trading companies, too.  From animals, crazy stunts, talking babies, surprise celebrities, really cool to totally the totally stupid head scratchers...they can go about anywhere.

It was always exciting to see what might pop up on the screen when the game would take a break.

You know what is supposed to be great about those? The element of surprise! These companies paid a ridiculous amount of moolah to have these ideas unleashed onto the world.

However...there's been this phenomena in these recent years, thanks to the interwebz & social media, to get their grubby little eHands all over these bits. Then...they are shared in articles, on Yahoo!, and several other places...and then they go viral before the Super Bowl...and it defeats the purpose.

Because...humans have this ridiculous curiosity & total lack of patience...they begin to share it everywhere. And then the media doesn't want to be left out & they start showing bits of upcoming "surprise" commercials to be ahead of the game (literally & figuratively).

People...that's so annoying!!! And, in my own opinion, feel it's very disrespectful. Not sure if we are trying to use this tactic of "sticking it to the man" because of the amounts spent on them...which is true...but we have this tendency to tear down experiences because we want to be on the other side of the proverbial velvet rope. And we want it to be so customized to us...that the mystery & fun gets lost.

So now, instead of waiting for the surprise of what the commercial might be or who it might be from, we can now see two seconds of the commercial we've already seen because you posted it for everyone just the other day...and now we can go pig out on the food spread on the table & throw our resolutions out the window.


Why do we do this? My hubby & I hate the early viewings of the Super Bowl commercials. Because they are supposed to be viewed at the time of the Super Bowl! *face palm*

I don't care how funny it is or sweet it is...we will change the channel from that news cast who are gonna be showing any info on the upcoming commercials...or even the commercials themselves. We shun the articles & avoid the shared links! But we end up seeing images from them before we can run. And it really ticks us off!!! Because, we don't see it as a tease...we see it as the start of a ruiner. *Ugh*

Really...what is our obsession with this? We have to know the outcome right now? In our current culture of immediacy & living in the waiting for anything...
Even though the commercials are finished & ready to be shown...why do we want the outcome before it happens? We don't know the outcome of the Super Bowl. Well...maybe Marty McFly does...but the point is that we don't know...
The Seattle fans WANT the Seahawks to win...
The Denver fans WANT the Broncos to win...(OK, that one nearly made me throw up putting that)
...but we don't KNOW who wins.

I do wish we would wait for the outcome of the experience in its entirety. The whole kit & caboodle!

Now then...if there's a commercial that won't be shown...and we KNOW it won't be shown, then I don't mind taking a gander at it...however...I would be very unhappy if I watched the banned commercial just to see it shown anyway.

Let's all step away from this madness! Let's enjoy the whole event at once, shall we? The first Sunday in February at & commercials...the WHOLE thing! All of it!

Until then...step away from the link, people! Let's all simmer down, relax...and enjoy the experience for what it is...don't give into the temptations of sneak peeks & such. Mm-kay?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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