Tuesday, January 7, 2014

AM~Erica Has a Lazy New Year Workout Plan

So anyway...

It's another brand new year!


And as a new year begins...we are hearing about all the resolutions people are wanting to make.


Seriously. It's crazy to hear about all of them. I really question all of these resolutions. If you keep 'em...great. But there's so many people who put these out there like a promise ready & beckoning to be broken.

If you couldn't tell, I'm so not a resolution-type person. I've always got goals & dreams. I just don't look at January 1st as being the beginning of "my year." You know what I mean?

I'm always striving to do things, failing to do things, and end up stumbling upon other things that I had no clue I might have any interest in. Every day should give us a want to be something better...someone better; a new beginning to discover something new. Amm-i-rite?

One of the resolutions I smile & nod at folks who made it is the one about starting their healthier lifestyle: better eating, no sugar, watching calories, working out...you know who you are. The ones who gobble up all the junk in the last week of December because January 1st will be all new. Right?

Not me! I love food. I even started making food. Heck...I started a blog about my food! (check it out HERE) I just try not to gorge on everything. I believe in moderation. Don't go back for seconds. Know what I mean? I work in healthier stuff, but I won't deprive myself because of a "diet".

Now when it comes to the exercise thing...ummm...I'm not so great at that. I used to dance. A lot. For around 20 years of my life, I danced pretty hardcore...at least for about 15 of those years. I carried on teaching it, and it kept me pretty fit. Now I do it so infrequently, it's really sad. It's my ministry, but it has been a slow upstart where I'm at right now. I did yoga for a while, too. I miss doing it. But it's sometimes difficult to do on my own, and...the dog ate my yoga mat. Which is a true story. Our dog actually ate my yoga mat.

I'm definitely not one to pick up & start running...

I have walked off & on. What happens is that I start walking for about 3-4 weeks, and then I get really ill...and I have issues getting motivated to start back up. But I believe I have found something that just might work. It. Just. Might...

When it comes to working out, I'm such a weenie! I tried gym stuff, but hated it. I don't even want to discuss the 30-ish minutes I spent with a personal trainer that left me near-lifeless & ready to vomit in the lobby's floor. I spent more energy dodging "Adam" than actually working out. Sad, but true.

I can deal with walking at my own pace. I can deal with yoga. Of course I love to dance. But there is something so easy, so convenient...it's so green. At least I think...

Teen Boy randomly brought up (as he often approaches smarticle-type subject things) about working out somehow. And all I know is that is began talking about fidgeting. He began going into how fidgeting was a true calorie burner, keeps muscles moving, keeps a heart rate up due to the constant movement, and...wait for it...uses less energy! (See? A green workout!)

So...I found a  couple of articles, and seemed entertained & taken with this one right HERE.

OMGoodness! This is it! The "workout" for me! As a matter of fact, I'm working out right now! You can do it while multitasking! And, if you are annoyed by the person by you clicking their pen, tapping their fingers, or even shaking their foot...join them instead! Make it an impromptu group session! Yeah!

So...who's in? In a lazy workout...let's fidget our way to fitness, yo! Plus you can dance or run or walk or lift or whatever if you wanna.

C'mon! Do it with me!

Wiggle that foot & tap those fingers...

Click that pen & bob that head...

Holding up? You should be. Breaking a sweat? You're doing it wrong.

And, if this is the case...then...

"Me? Work out? You betcha!"

Hey! I'm feeling fitter already! Pass me that Reece's!

(Does this mean Teen Boy's my trainer? Hmmmm...)

Viva la Resolution! (or whatever...)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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