Tuesday, January 21, 2014

AM~Erica Can't Believe Another Year's Gone By

So anyway...

It's been 9 years since it happened. One of the longest & most frustrating days of my entire life. (last year's 2-part reminder HERE...grab some popcorn & settle in when you read or reread it)

However, at the very end of that long, Long, LONG day...and after a lot of waiting & working really hard...it brought Lil Guy into this world.

This dude is an amazing kiddo.

Though he's been thru a lot, in his own right (the reminder of that journey HERE), he's always been a trooper & has so much going for him!

Much of what I'm gonna say about him, in celebration of his day, may sound like a biased parent...but just note that we are realist parents, and we will tell it like it is...both good & bad of our kids.

Lil Guy is so smart. He has always had a high IQ, but it was always slightly dragged down by his struggle he went thru. Now that he's passed that, we need to test his IQ again. Because he is always at the top of his class...and sometimes even his grade...in his reading & math, for sure. I was helping at one of the parties, and another parent announced that she heard that Lil Guy had the highest reading score in the grade. That surprised me! Not that his reading score was high, but that it was announced by a parent! I think word is getting out...

He's also very liked. He's probably one of the most popular kids. We've always heard that many of the kids want to be at his table &/or want him on their team. He really is a team player. He knows where he will do well & he knows when others will do well. It's amazing to watch kids go out of their way to say hi to him.

He's super athletic. This kid is fast, he's quick, he sees a bigger picture on whatever field he's on. He's tall & agile, too. There's always things he can work on to get better, but he's usually one of the best on whatever team he's on...if not the best one. If he's not the best on his team, he can certainly hold his own with the best. And he's competitive...sometimes a little too competitive, but he's got drive, for sure.

Lil Guy has a lot of talent. He has his moments where he gets to prove his acting & speaking skills. This is a big deal!! He has an ear for music, too. He actually has rhythm, even though he likes to act really goofy when he dances around. And he can pick up on things musically fairly quickly.

This kid is a big goof! We never know how he's gonna enter or exit a room. He might make a weird face &/or add a weird voice &/or a weird walk. His imagination fascinates us often.

This boy is a quick-wit, too. We never know what might come out of his mouth. He always surprises us with his grown-up comebacks to situations...that he usually delivers with a dry humor & straight face. It's always entertaining to hear what his young brain can come up with to shut people down in a hurry...but with an end result of laughter. He's a hoot.

He is a game player. When I say "game player"...I mean of all sorts! From Go Fish, to several board games, so many of the electronic variety, too. And he is strategic & competitive (if I hadn't already mentioned that). He gets frustrated at his mistakes & does his best to learn from them...cuz he's in it to win it!

He can keep track of stats. Whether it's sports or some geeky/nerdical games &/or players, he can keep track of some of that stuff. It's amazing to hear him keep up pretty well in conversations surrounding these things.

Lil Guy is definitely our natural leader. He attempts to "organize" how things are or will look at home...but we need to remind him who's actually in charge here. However, he can be the captain of a team if he wanted to. He can see where others should be in position on whatever project or game or event he's a part of. It's amazing to watch. And...other kids, for sure, will usually listen to him.

He can keep track of schedules & things coming up. And, if he wants to do something in that schedule that he is keeping track of, he will be persistent about asking & talking about it. It's irritating for us...but I'm sure it will be good for him in the long run.

This guy has a big heart. He may not like everyone, but he will stick up for whoever he needs to & will feel bad if someone is left out of something. I think it has to do with the struggle he went thru & the type of kids he dealt with along the way. He usually sees the worth in those who others have issues seeing the worth in. It warms my heart when I witness him doing this or talking about it.

In this last year, we have seen his personality grow even more. The levels of smartness & goofiness has been amazing. He has come out of his shell so much. He is even much more willing to be in open conversation with others. In the past, he would feel out the situation & what he felt about a person before partaking in conversation with them. He's processing the situations much quicker now.

The potential for Lil Guy is near endless. I've referred to him as our Captain America before. I believe he may be a future CEO of some Fortune 500 company. I won't push him that direction...there's still a lot of life for him to live & experiences for him to go thru before he sets sail for a particular direction in his future. In the meantime, we will be proud of all of his ever-accumulating achievements.

And...it's hard for this mama to grasp that the baby is in his last year of single-digit ages. So, next year...prepare for a tearful mommy post.

Until then...we won't rush it & will enjoy every moment of Lil Guy's next trip around the sun.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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