Friday, January 24, 2014

AM~Erica's Love/Hate Relationship with the Comfort

So anyway...

I have a rule about fashion: If IT LOOKS ADORABLE, COVERS NECESSARY PLACES, delivers some umph, and is comfy, then it's perfect.

There are items of clothing that appear uncomfortable, but they really feel awesome on! Then there's the items of clothing that appear to be super comfy...but it is horrible on: maybe it doesn't fit right, or there's a scratchy seam, or it's been cut wrong. Then there are the items that are so comfy, they are just that: comfy.

There's an article of clothing that is ever popular right now & has been in the last few years. I have had some in my possession for the last several years. I used to get actual use out wearing this piece of clothing for how it was intended to be used. But not so much recently...

Back in the 1940's thru the early 1960's, the typical "modern" housewife seemed to look very much the same:

Of course I'm gonna use a pic of Lucy to illustrate my point!

The same type of circle skirt as/or a shirtdress, an apron & typically sensible shoes (heels or not). And it's always amazing to look at these pics since it was to help women feel pretty while doing their "wifely/motherly duties". Besides maybe some pockets & the apron, not sure how useful the whole outfit might have been.

Fast-forward to the mid 2000's to the present...

Nowadays, the typical "modern" housewife has a very different look:

It's not the circle skirt. It's not the apron. It's certainly not the sensible heels.

Actually, one of my very favorite comedians, Tim Hawkins, probably puts it best in this song:

Yes. This.

And the phenomenon began...and it's slightly contagious!

Now then...I have had about 6 or 7 pairs of yoga pants for several years. I still have most of them. I got my first pair to wear to teach dance in & to wear to work...because we were told that wearing a blazer with them to dress 'em up was completely acceptable. Remember that? Yeah...not so much...

But I did get other pairs, later, to actually wear to yoga class! I really did! And I loved wearing my yoga pants to yoga class.

Then we moved & I was spoiled with an awesome yoga instructor. (If anyone knows what happened to Brenda that used to teach yoga, water aerobics & spin at Legacy in Lee's Summit, please flag me down! I miss her!) I did, however, keep my yoga pants.

You know what? I still have them. I wear them when I lead in a dance ministry...or as pajamas sometimes. But I don't really wear them anywhere else. Not sure why. They are SO COMFY! And they are so easy to put on...and...well...everything Tim Hawkins sung about. Amm-i-rite?

I usually, as a SAHM, wear jeans, or I do try to look decently fashionable. I'm not a typical housewife or pastor's wife (read about some of that HERE), so I'm not usually dressed like one, either.

Then I figured out why I may not jump right into the easy-peasy go-to's...

Many mommies in yoga pants are always on the go! They have so many errands & kiddo things...then food to make, whether for the family, potluck or bake sale...
Then the extracurricular taxi time being put in...

Don't get me wrong...I have several of these things going, myself. But usually not all at once! Until...I put on my yoga pants!!

I'm not kidding! The days when I don't have time to put the effort into wiggling into jeans while dealing with buttons & zippers...I end up putting on the schedule-twising magnets!

When I wear my delightful yoga pants, that's when I have to make an extra trip to one school, then go to another school to get a sick kiddo, which means another trip or two to the store to get an extra OTC med that we didn't already have in the cabinet...then find out another kid is staying after school, so you gotta pick them up while trying to figure out if you can get home in time to get another kid off the bus...on top of squeezing in the errands you had hoped to take care of...but could only do 2 out of the 5 because of the twists & turns of the roller coaster day that you freed up to do by not dealing with the button & zipper of the jeans...cuz pants on.

Forget it! I haven't done yoga in too long. I think I'm giving up on yoga pants. Even though I found me a new workout (read HERE for the reminder), it certainly doesn't need the stress of the yoga pants!

I'll save them for when I need to really move (like for dance ministry) or when I just need them for pajama bottoms. No more everyday wearing of yoga pants for me! I can't deal the stress! matter how much my hubby likes seeing me in them...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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