Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How AM~Erica Almost Got Her Groove Back

So anyway...

There is this new term out there for the weather-talkers began throwing around this week. And has had a frigid effect on much of the U.S. Many of us have experienced...THE POLAR VORTEX!!!


As the kiddos had been finishing up the 2-week(ish...depending on where you were at) holiday/winter break, the Polar Vortex decided to show up.

With snows that had come thru during the break that kept families super cozy with each other for a couple days at a time...we had been working around that crazy Christmas schedule & stuffs, too. Right?

And, after a couple of restless teenagers AND Lil Guy nearly bouncing off the walls, we'd gotten thru Christmas (it really was great, folks) & toasted in the new was TIME for those kids to go back. Getting back into a routine was quickly becoming necessary.

Don't get me wrong...I truly love my children! But I also got a glimpse of what it might be like if we were stranded in the middle of nowhere together. It might be entertaining at first...but I'd be worried of who might win that particular version of Family Survivor! *shudders* Not something I honestly want to think about...

So, as we were planning on getting ourselves together to begin a new week & get the kiddos off to school to begin the new semester & in a brand new numerical happened. The Polar Vortex. *sigh*

After the 1st few days of the break, it's not so bad. The change of pace is usually a welcome one. But when you start hitting day #6 of begging to play Go's time to start making an appointment with the men in the little white coats. As the kiddos count down to Christmas...the parents usually count down to when the kiddos head back to the regularly program...

|||| |||| ||||
the total number days the break should last

...then...the super chill of the Polar Vortex happened...and schools began to close. But if we had another day...that's fine. We understood. We couldn't believe that the high would maybe not even hit 0 degrees F, and we knew it was miserably colder in other areas. Dangerous! And we got the call. But we figured. But I hadn't had any, just, time! Sunday, church got cancelled, too, so we'd been inside since the Polar Vortex had hit on Friday night & into Saturday. We had cabin fever. As I was trying to figure out how to get a small break from my beloved children (I swear I love them dearly), I had hoped I could get out to pick up the Sunday paper for the sales ads & coupons (of course). Well, hubby & I bundled up, headed out to QuikTrip (by car) to get a paper & get drinks for the kiddos. It was 10 minutes, but it was nice. Because we were getting another day closed up inside.

|||| |||| |||| more day...

So we stayed bundled up, inside, on Day #15...I was trying to keep my cool, especially since hubby needed to go into work for just a little while. However, as the day went, and as hubby still had folks coming into his office & got caught up in a couple of meetings...I can only take being asked to play Go Fish & listening to the strains of teenage voices attempting to "softly" sing what is being piped into their ears & the TV blaring Skylanders. The kiddos arguing over video games & who is singing & who won't play nice with whom...a mama can only take so much. Only. So. Much. the day wore on...and after a few more games of Go Fish (which is a game that does not like me...and I really hate playing games anyway), I was ready for the temps to warm up the following day so my beautiful children could GO...BACK...TO...SCHOOL...already.

We did see that some of the rural areas were canceling school for the next day, but early that evening. With the high temps the next day getting into the 20's...the brief interlude of below 0 temps wouldn't hurt the kiddos too much. Amm-i-rite?

So, by the time we went to bed, we were pretty confident (Ok...maybe 75% confident) that I could get up early & shift these kids out! (Totally out of love...for all of our own sanity.) With that...we drifted off to sleep, planning the morning & breakfasts & everything...

However...when we got simultaneous phone calls at 4:36 AM...we just ignored the calls & said, in stereo, "Oh no..."
We shut off our alarms...since we could get a little extra sleep (except when we got a 2nd simultaneous call from the schools around 4:47), but we would just surprise the kids of the their continued extended break. *sigh* Apparently some of the busses weren't exactly working well, and they couldn't send them out to pick up

|||| |||| ||||  |
That extra marking for the extra day is what was nearly the breaking point
to bring in the men in the little white coats, mad laughing, and soft crying while needing
a straight jacket & padded cell (or at least a corner with bubble wrap)

On day #16 proved to be a near breaking point. First began hearing the sounds of a loud zipper down the hallway. After a couple of minutes, Lil Guy sauntered into the living room while dragging his backpack with him. It was about 8:30 (I was up & enjoying my coffee, thank you very much). He asked me why I didn't get him up. I explained there was no reason to. He looked confused & then lit up as he realized school had been called off...yet...again...

Around 9:15, I figured I should wake up Teen Boy...otherwise he gets really grumpy if he doesn't get his day started by 10:00. So, I woke him up letting him know the time. He semi-sat up, looked confused, paused...and then started laughing! I think he realized why I woke him up with daylight shining into his room.

Teen Girl could care less. She said she woke up around 6:30 & thought she was sleepy-hilucianting. But she figured out around 7:30, and I no one had checked on her...she figured out there was no school. But she still had to get around for play practice anyway. (Yea! She's in another play!) the day went on... were fighting, children complaining they are bored AS they are messing with their iPads/laptops, knowing you can only play certain games a certain amount of times before wanting to throw the games out the window, nearly eating us out of the house while complaining they are hungry, and we all could only deal with each other so much....NEEDED A BREAK!!!!!!!!

Luckily, the boys headed out for a little time in the snow, but we watched the weather carefully, all day, to make sure we were still on track for tolerable weather in our area to get these kids back.

Finally! We got the kids to bed, we got to bed, and I was thrilled to have my alarm go off at 5:30 AM. This meant we were on track to get a school-day routine going! WOO HOO!!

Remember the part in the song "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" where the lyrics go:

And moms & dads can't wait
for school to start again.

Found at
(click the pick to follow the link to the page)

I was ready to get my own days back. Errand s & things on my time...
And then we got word about a short-but-sweet graduation we might want to attend (that was on, then off, then on, then off...and apparently on again). OK, that's in the morning & have the day to do what else I need to do! I did get an errand done...and then I realized...'s the high school's short day! They get out an hour early on Wednesdays!!!


I was so close to getting the groove back in my "routine". But it may have to wait...
At least I have a new workout routine to be doing to help out. (read about it HERE)
(this choice was rocking back in forth in my padded corner while in fetal position)

And as for the others who have been terribly affected by the Polar Vortex...I have no words. I would send straight jackets in bubble wrap with the men in the little white coats for you...but I think they would all freeze on the way to you.

Stay safe & warm, my friends...and may we all get our groove back...soon...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


P.S.  This post took me pretty much all day to write. Why? Timing of listed above, plus Lil Guy came home and automatically started on wanting to do a scavenger hunt & play Go Fish...

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