Sunday, August 12, 2007

AM~Erica 'n Worship

So anyway,

I love the worship service I've been attending the last six weeks, or so. It's an upbeat, high energy, praise & worship service - perfect for me! The band is fabulous, and the preaching is extraordinary. OK - I'm a bit biased on the preaching since it's my husband doing it, but a lot of the congregants agree, I swear!

We started coming to this church about six weeks ago (hence the amount of time attending) when my husband was appointed here by the Missouri United Methodist Conference this year. We came from a quaint "country church in the city" in the Kansas City area, with about 60 in attendance at the one service each week, to a church in the St. Louis area with 3,500 members, and about 1,400+ in attendance each week between 5 services. Whew! What a change!

My husband was put in charge of the primary preaching at the contemporary service. Remember what I said our previous church was? (reference above paragraph) Well, we were told this service was averaging around 210 each week. Big jump for us! Since we've been there, the attendance has been anywhere from 275 to 315 each week. So exciting! This is held in a room, we were told, could hold up to 280, if we squeezed people in. Then today happened...

The band was rockin' today, as usual; I was introduced into this church's drama ministry with my first skit for this congregation today, with two excellent people (thanks Bill & Lori); we had an awsome special guest today being Mark Cruz playing classical guitar (ab fab...check him out:; and exceptional sermon - of course...all of this in front of an offical count of (drum roll, please)................


Can you believe it? I think it's the biggest crowd I've done a skit in front of, for sure! It went over well, and it was PACKED! Standing Room Only!

It was a very exciting morning! I had to share what God had in store today.

You can hear a sermon of my husband's at

Oh yeah...and Chris Rice is coming to do a concert at our church on September 22nd! Can't wait for that one!!

Stay tuned for more!

God Bless, AM~Erica

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