Wednesday, August 8, 2007

AM~Erica Presents: Christian Adventures

So anyway...

It looks like there is a large portion of you wanting to hear a kid story - well, most of the ones I have right now are of my 2½ year old son. So, here goes:

OK, Christian may not talk a lot still (we're working on it), but he is still too smart for his own good! This spring, he stayed home sick from preschool one day, and I got home right after work, checked on him, went upstairs to check e-mail, and then my husband (who'd been with him through the day) came upstairs to change clothes. We were up in the room for 3-4 minutes...TOPS...when we realized we didn't hear the little one. We got really worried because he had just learned to unlock the front & back doors. As we went down, he couldn't be found, but the back door was found open! He'd apparently become strong enough to open the doors, now, and we began to look through the neighborhood, calling for him. My daughter, Lizzie, was hysterical & screaming his name, and we all (including my other son, Ethan) split up. I could see from a distance that my husband was waving to someone, as he walked through a large field, behind our townhome. Apparently, our son ran through the field, across a busy street, and tried to get into the Super 8 Hotel that was less than a block behind our townhome. He was wearing a pull-up & t-shirt...and was barefooted. A woman saw him & asked him where his mommy was...he only shrugged at her. Then she saw a guy, who must be "daddy", coming through the field.

Just keep in mind, this was a 3-4 minute time span.

OK...more adventures to come.

Stay tuned!

God Bless, AM~Erica


  1. Great story!
    Be sure to keep a hardcopy for the time you start your book, "No, Christian, No!" Truth really IS stranger than fiction.

  2. oh good grief! that sounds like one of mine. parker is a sneaky little thing. must be a thrid child thang going on!