Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Search for AM~Erica Continues

So anyway...

The Hairy Elephant wasn't the best deal...but only because of pay. Bummer!

I have interviewed with 2 daycares of the same chain now. We shall see how those come out.

I have, also, posted my resume on all of the main sites to get more exposure: Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs. I have gotten some bites, but they seem to be a bit ridiculous. One e-mail said I need to be a Financial Advisor. OK, I already hear most of you laughing. Don't worry, I did, too. First, you have to kinda like numbers to do that, and I am mathematically-challenged; second, you have to have a license & be certified to do the job - DUH! They said they read my resume...HA - I really don't think they did. Oh, my other favorite was the one about being a dental hygenist. I hate having to reach into my son's mouth, so why would I want to do it with a stranger? There was another one about being a doctor's transcriptionist from recorded tapes. This one can be done from home - so it has possibility.

Oh, the daycares share information,too, so I can have more exposure within that franchise. Plus, I had one of the interviews today, couldn't find it & went to 2 wrong locations. At the second wrong location, I ended up meeting the district manager for the daycare & got her card. That worked out pretty well...and I didn't have to fill out the 6-page application again. WOO HOO!!

Daycare is still a continued search, and depends on the daycare franchise, above.

I did get a phone call today from an insurance company looking for an assistant manager, and they saw my resume on the heck - I'm set up for an interview on Friday (as we get ready for company during the weekend).


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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  1. oh good grief cuz! sounds like a ton of work! just to find work.