Sunday, August 19, 2007

Heart-Pounding AM~Erica

So anyway...

I have recently started walking bright & early in the AM. I'm really trying to focus on my health & fitness. It's not bad, but it could always be better.

My hubby & I also joined at Gold's Gym - YEA! I now have access to my yoga classes, and whatever I want to do there.

For anyone who knows my hubby, he's more like "Mr. Fitness". No, he's not big & buff, but he tries to keep in shape, and he knows his stuff about it. He invited me to workout with him, but I'll pass...he'd kill me with his workout routine torture. I prefer other methods.

Here's where it gets scary...
In joining at Gold's, the primary member (i.e., hubby) gets 7 hours of free personal trainer attention. That's pretty good since my hubby has gotten out of routine since we've moved, and he wants some real targeted know-how for his workouts. The membership also offers 1 hour of a personal trainer for the other member (i.e., me). My hubby set up his first appointment for Monday AM (yes, tomorrow). Go, Honey! Oh, that leaves me to make one now...for Monday AM (yes, tomorrow). I'm set up with "Adam", who called me today to confirm the appointment. OK, I'm going to admit that I already hurt thinking about it. I am terrified to work with a pro. I won't workout with my hubby, or anyone for that matter. I'm a loner when it comes to getting fit. I want to go at my pace, whether it's a fast day or slow day for me, I don't want someone else there to hinder me. No offense to anyone.

What have I gotten myself into? 8:00 AM is when I meet with Adam, and my hubby meets with his trainer. YIKES!!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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