Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shopping 'n AM~Erica

So anyway...

A few of you wanted some killer shopping tips. So I am going to start with the easiest of all of them...are you ready? Brace yourselves...


I love coupons! I get so excited to see the Sunday paper come, and I get the scissors ready, in hand, to sort through the sections to find the slick-paper booklets of savings - yes, even before I read the comics. If there are no coupons in the paper, my week is ruined! Same goes if I can't use any of the coupons that week.

Clip the coupons you find for products you use all of the time; then find ones of products or brands you wouldn't mind trying. Do NOT clip coupons for dog food if you don't even have a pet.

* Then, you need to do some homework. School is almost in session, so homework should begin anyway, right? You need to go to each store in your area to see how things are priced for the items you tend to get. Also, use your coupons to price check. Just because you have a coupon for 55¢ off of 3 of product Brand A, when getting two of Brand B would be less than that, doesn't mean you should stick to the product coupon you have; get the other brand. Just be smart when you compare.

* Generic &/or store brands are not bad things! Sometimes, we like them better than some of the name brand stuff.

* Know that you may need to do some store hopping for better pricing. Aldi's has great prices on most things. Go there first, then supplement with your other stores. Just remember Aldi's only takes cash & cards...NO CHECKS!

* Buy in bulk. Get a good deep freezer, and then get a membership to Sam's or Costco. But, be smart when shopping here...just because you buy bulk, doesn't mean you eat bulk. Get your paper products from here (i.e., paper plates, paper towles, TP, etc.). You can also get food items you use a lot; there are 5-6 people in my house...we go through a lot of stuff fast!

* Look for specials and sales at different stores. Another piece of homework is to look in the paper for the store's specials they are running for the week. If you have a coupon for the same product that's on special - BONUS!

I will have some more killer tips coming soon. (Think shoes, clothes, designer brands...for cheap!)

Stay tuned!

God Bless, AM~Erica

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  1. good advice babe! we go to three different places every week to shop. and the butcher here in town is the same price for organic farm raised beef and pork and chicken!