Monday, December 3, 2012

AM~Erica Took a Big Bite out of the Offered Apple

So anyway...

I have officially entered into a new phase & crossed to a side that I never honestly thought that I would. So imagine my surprise when I figured out it would just work out better for me, personally, by doing such a thing.

You must understand that I needed a change...I just had no idea how much of a change it would actually mean & how things are gonna change because of it...

Wanna know what happened? Well...

You've heard that the Dark Side offers cookies, right? And I love me some cookies...and Star Wars...

But what happens when they offer you an apple? Is it more like the evil queen disguising herself as the old lady selling the woods...with one special one just for Snow White?

Well...what happened to me might be looked at as the evil queen situation in some people's eyes. Others will gladly welcome me over.

So...what happened? Well, I took a bite of Apple. 

I already had an iPod. I kind of used it off & on. And I've alway used phones from the Android flavor, but I was needing a new phone & was trying to figure out which was going to suit my purposes & uses best. After researching from both markets, I came to the conclusion that the iPhone 5 would be the best fit. And when that was figured out, I ended up taking over my hubby's iPad that he was going to trade in.

So, now my hubby & I are so cute (as if you all didn't already know that) by having our iPads & our iPhones.

So, now I'm trying to learn a whole new set of technology & get used to where new buttons are, new apps, and...well...everything.

Here's how I see it: there's people who are die-hard for Apple products & those dead-set against it. It's like the right & left of politics, too. Have you noticed?

For me, it's treated like MY STYLE OF POLITICS...I go on what is logical for me. OK, so I have Apple products doesn't mean I hated them before, but I don't hate Android products either. They are different & serve different purposes. That's how I see it. I weighed the options & did research & dabbled with both. This is what works for me.

Now my question becomes: Does this make me anything like a Disney Princess now...just for Apple since I took the big ol' bite this time?

* Princess Leia is Anakin's daughter; Anakin turned to the Dark Side; Star Wars is now Disney.

* Snow White is the Evil Queen's stepdaughter; the Evil Queen tried to kill her with an apple; they are from Disney.

Is it too big of a stretch to just totally assume I have joined the ranks? I have tiaras, I KNOW MY STAR WARS, I took the Apple...


Fitting crossover, don'cha think?

Oh, I'm getting a text, an email & Siri (you know, my page) are all coming in. But I've decided to call a carriage from somewhere else...I don't trust this Apple Maps horse.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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