Sunday, December 30, 2012

AM~Erica Senses Something Not of the Best...and Something Fishy

So anyway...

After such a fabulous day yesterday, and figuring out that's really all it took for the Pacific Northwest to officially ruin me, I was so looking forward to this next day's agenda! We were counting down to it. And, even though we've already been thru it, my heart is still beating wildly thinking about it!

We headed into downtown Seattle. With a San Fran feel of the steep streets, we made our way to it thru horrible traffic. The downtown area of Seattle is absolutely beautiful, once you can fight the parking lot-like traffic to get to it. First stop was Pike Place Market. I was super stoked!

We were also looking forward to trying some coffee at the market, too, while we were there. OK...the place smelled fishy, but they have tons of fresh fish (say that 5x fast).

Check out that salmon...

...and check out those lobster tails!

However, the smell wasn't as fantastic to the kiddos. But, we really enjoyed the street performers, looking at the beautiful produce & the fabulously large, beautiful & cheap flower arrangements. The artisans there were pretty amazing, too. Unfortunately, we were still having issues finding coffee. Figures.

On a positive note, I was hoping to see some fish-throwing...and we just happen to walk up one being thrown as it was leaving Guy #1's hands & got to see Guy #2 catch it. We figured out they throw it when someone makes a purchase with them. (Note to self for future reference.) So that was a cool thing to get to witness, too.

We decided to go to one of the lower levels in search of coffee at the market. Still no coffee, but we did discover this attraction:

It was a shoe exhibit! Of course it totally caught my attention! But I will confess it wasn't the word "SHOE" that caught my attention. I know...shocker. But it was the life-sized image of the World's Tallest Man. I realized that Yahoo! had put this attraction in an article of cheapest attractions across America to visit before you die. For a quarter, you could see a shoe from the World's Tallest Man. I didn't even think about that attraction being there...or I would have stocked up on quarters! Once again...this will make the list for our future trip back there.

From there, we checked the other 2 levels for coffee. Brace yourselves...there wasn't any! I know, right?

So...we headed across the street. And a woman caught my attention on a balcony. However, it caught my attention that she was just standing a pose & not playing her guitar...

...because she's fake! It's a posed mannequin, urban art I suppose, that did certainly catch my attention.

So we meandered search of Seattle coffee. And as we walked, we figured out why it's called Pike Place Market:

*face palm* DUH!

At that point...something caught my eye...could it be some local flavor coffee?

Before we explored further, I realized I might have seen this neon coffee cup before. Hubby has a really cool pic on his computer with this coffee cup. We thought the mug sign was much, much larger because it looked like it was part of this sign:

But obviously not...
Then I realized's all in the angle:

Voila! least hubby was impressed.

OK, now to figure out what the neon cup was attached to really...
Would it be Starbuck's? Would it be some cool little mom-&-pop local coffee?


We happen to find the other chain in Seattle: Seattle's Best Coffee. *sigh* Figures. But we we obviously tried it anyway. All of us got some kind of concoction from the shoppe:

After a moment of sitting & enjoying...we were on our merry way again, but not without me getting a pic of myself with the coffee sign:

On a funny side note story: We talked about going to Seattle's Best Coffee. Lil Guy told us that it wasn't going to be Seattle's Best. We kind of laughed it off. Ummm...we weren't overly impressed with the coffee. Again...figures. And when hubby & I talked about that a little bit, Lil Guy overheard us, and then said, "See? I told you it wouldn't be Seattle's Best. You should've trusted me." Little know-it-all.

Teen Girl found a British flag bowtie in the market that she wanted to purchase. This is due to her love of England & Dr. Who. She wanted to get it before our next official stop. Hubby & I found a fabulous metal wall decoration of a steaming coffee cup. So these where the only purchases made AT the market.

So...we were off.

So a couple of pics over the balcony before we head back to the car:

So...until next time...(and we WILL visit again)

Off to our next destination!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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