Sunday, December 30, 2012

AM~Erica Snaps at the View

So anyway...

To end our day at the beach and at Fort Lewis, we tried a seafood restaurant called Steamers. We went because it was recommended. I had the grilled salmon with pesto butter (I think that's what it was) along with some smashed potatoes & coleslaw. Those potatoes were pretty good! Teen Boy is starting to get into the fish & chips scene. YEA! Steamers had a choice of either fried cod as your fish choice...or...FRIED SALMON!?! Since he already had cod from Homeport (which he really liked), he decided to try the salmon.

I want to take a moment for this small PSA by saying that salmon is NOT meant to be fried. It just isn't. And, even for all the weird things & combos Teen Boy finds to eat, the salmon did not rank near the top. So, overall...meh. we left the restaurant, the sun was setting, and there was a pier in the middle of the water next to Steamers. Well, this is what we saw:

Yeah. Exactly. And this picture really doesn't even capture just how gorgeous it actually was. But allow me to share a couple more I snapped  of the scenery...which you will see how gorgeous it all was!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...I do miss it.

There was also another surprise in the least for me. I looked down to see floating, roundish "blobs" in the water. As I looked closer (from a pier above), I noticed the tentacles on the underside of them as they traveled thru the water: Jellyfish.

Yes...that's a jellyfish

In the same water, very close by, There were also geese relaxing & floating in the water, too:

But I think what got me most was the coexistence in the water between the geese & the jellyfish:

That, my friends, was wild to witness!

Well, we were all taking in the scenery before we left for the night...probably because I forced them to pause so I could take some pics. LOL!

And then, after a long & fabulous first full-day...we headed back to the hotel. We needed rest for tomorrow...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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