Sunday, December 30, 2012

AM~Erica Has Been Geekily Looking Forward to This

So anyway...

We now have full bellies of yummylicious pizza...we are now headed to the one place hubby & I have been counting down for WEEKS to get to...

Wanna know where? you wanna?

DO YOU?????

I got to get my geek girl on again. How you ask? My going to the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum! It's a place that showcases Seattle-based musicians & some interactive exhibits, too.



AND...they just acquired an ongoing exhibit of of Icons of Science Fiction!! *happy dance*

Part of this exhibit includes a holy grail of much of the science fiction world...well part of mine anyway...

This, my friends, is what I geek-girl squealed & cried over when I saw it...Captain Kirk's chair from Star Trek The Original Series! It was pretty glassed we couldn't sit in it...*sigh*

Hubby in his best James T. Kirk pose & I giving LLAP sign...
that I've been trained to do since childhood.)

And around Kirk's chair just happened to be something else iconic from ST-TOS:

...TRIBBLES!!!!!!! Loved it!!

And...I about left a puddle when I saw THIS displayed right next to The Chair and Tribbles:

That excitement on my face is not a pose...that's the real deal. I almost peed my pants when I came this close to Lt. Uhurah's dress & earpiece!!!! My heart really did skip a beat, I think.

And to keep up the Trek Geek Girl in me... a showcase of Sci-Fi weapons, there was a Klingon bat'leth used in The Next Generation! I prefer to believe Worf used it. Don't try to tell me otherwise!

And here is Data's uniform, also from TNG (in case you're aren't familiar with the canons). I was so excited, I wanted to hug it the best I could...but it was in a glass case, too. And, according to the picture, I became Tasha Yar for just a moment. And I would like for you to note that hubby took the pic. So we were unaware of how exactly the pic turned out until WAY later. D'oh!

We saw things from the Matrix movies (like Neo's coat from :Reloaded), Independence Day (aka ID4), and Men in Black...

I got to get my Star Wars Geekiness on again!!

From Star Wars, this is. Belonging to Yoda, this necklace & cane did.

Darth Vader's light saber used during the, "NO! I am your father!" fight scene with Luke.

Demasked Vader-back-to-Anakin headpiece from death scene.

And this moving on...was...SUPERMAN!!! One worn by Christopher Reeves in the 4th of the series:

The boys were inspired to stand in their best kimbo pose...
and Lil Guy unintentionally wearing a very appropriate shirt

And we ran into...The Tew-mah-nay-tah:

We also came across something that Teen Girl burst into her fan-girl tears & squeals:

Teen Girl posed with a dalek used in Dr. Who. So this is for all of you Whovians out there! And remember that bowtie she bought at Pike Place? Yep...she's wearing it. And, no, the dalek did not exclaim, "Exterminate!"

Then, on the outer part of the museum, I saw this...and had to take pose...

OK...realized I could see my still needed to give the LLAP sign...DUH!

And off we stumbled to the Horror Exhibit nearly connected...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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