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AM~Erica Speaks to the Offended

So anyway...

Many of you may have read my blog post CALLING OUT THE OFFENDED. Why do I know this? It's moved WAY up in the popular posts as of this post.

This time around, I would like to continue the conversation about the NickMom fiasco.

When I reposted the link, on the NickMom Facebook page, to my views on the subject of being over offended...I did have a conversation with one of upset moms. In our differing points of views, I did have extra commentary to expand on my previous conversation start up.

We made a break thru with each other, I think. She wasn't happy I didn't cover as much in my post as I did in the comments...but my previous blog post on this subject covered more than just this. So, I thought I'd follow up with some of the commentary and a couple of great posts I came across. So bear with me...


I have "***" where she had some commentary. At one point she did start to see my point & was not happy it wasn't in my post, but I do explain why. I did call out activist moms & she said she was one of the pioneer protesters by chance. I have added some summary of other comments made so you can get the gist of what I'm commenting on.

Oh...I realize how serious the food allergy thing is. Trust me. But I want to point out that my friend who brought it up to me realized the attacks were misplaced. If your PTA had the gall to make jumps like this, you would be offended. And I do believe that was the point. It's making fun of the moms...certainly not the kids at risk! And I'm intrigued as to why you are keeping up with it on a page that you are so against. The more you come over here & click on the things here...the more it brings up this pages ratings. Just an observation.  And it was just a different point of view. It never hurts to have a different perspective.

*** (Here, she brought up that I was name calling about the bullies, and she took offense.) ***

I do believe we will see it differently. And it wasn't a matter of name calling...just reading some of the comments from the protest movement are pretty mean. And that tends to happen in protest movements. I realize that. And people take one thing and do blow it up. That is the bullying part of it. And do understand that I don't think it's the labeling & such they are making fun of...it's the trying too hard to make sure everything is all inclusive, but it ends up separating out these kids. So, we will see it differently. And I know it's not Nickelodeon you are pointing out...but NickMom...which is this page. So there's a lot of traffic being drawn here, too. I would not & do not promote joking about the food allergies...just those who don't understand it & blow it up into something it shouldn't be...like separating them out from others. Nothing discriminatory toward these kids or what they go thru...just the non-understanding moms who think they understand. Like I said...different perspective.

*** (Here, a guy piped in telling me I digested her; she replied to him calling him an idiot) ***

I have a sense of humor. I look for positive in most everything. I learn to laugh. Not at the serious situation...but out of the satirical. I do still think the video was blown out of proportion. I have children with other issues. I have one that thankfully grew out of a food allergy. But I'm not going to throw myself on the floor because a humor-based satirical video made fun of irrational adults. It made fun of the adults! Not the kids! I also want to make it clear that I am not being disrespectful at all. My friend with the child with the major food allergy came to the conclusion that I did...it's about people doing research of those with food allergies. It should have been used as a teaching tool of how not to handle a bake sale. That's all. It's obvious you all are very worked up. I think it's sad all the way around. But like I've been saying...it's a different perspective. Plus someone who is on your side of things actually thought the protest was out of context. I'm not blowing off the part of the kids...I just truly believe it was directed at adults who have it oh-so-wrong.

*** (In here , she shared with me a blog on the subject from a nicer point of view, that they are not activists, that I was still name calling & that the video had shown during children's programming) ***

I would like to apologize if my blog post was misinterpreted. And when I wrote it, not only did it cover a couple of other subjects, but all the information I came across looking into this video, when it was presented to me, had almost nothing but vile comments, torches & pitchforks, that kind of thing. I had not seen this blog...because there are vile blogs about it out there, too. So, like I said...most any kind of protest brings out of hoard of crazies with threatening & awful words...it happens so often. I know they are loving & caring parents, but the levels that it sparked was a little intense for what I really thought & felt this video was about. But coming on here & calling someone an idiot is name calling, too. I know that comment in the thread didn't strike you the best...but I ignored it. I'm obviously always OK in having conversations about this. Now then...I was not aware of NickMoms until this whole thing blew up. And part of what I'm saying is that, even commenting on this thread...though great conversation of differing view points, still shows up in news feeds & still brings people to this page. Even with the video being taken down...there's all kinds of other subjects that this programming humorously covers.

I do not know exactly what you said about it or how you vented...but if it jumped all over the food allergy thing in the rant, then it's human nature for a lot of other people to jump on that portion of the issue. So instead of saying, "Hey. I saw this video shown...I'm not happy about it, but what do you all think?", that would have drawn more conversation & many less claws may have come out. I know you are only 1 person, though...and it's obvious many others took it the same direction, too. When it was brought to my attention by my friend, I was asked to watch the video first before we had conversation about it. But the comments left from many other moms/parents out there are very-bullying like: threatening & vile in nature. So please understand how it looks to anyone starting to read up on this & research it. Either they are going to also pick up their torch & pitchfork with the riotous mob...or they are going to face palm from how over-the-top the backlash appears.

And, as I pointed out...I completely understand the fears of children with the food allergies. That is not the part lessened here at all! I just think it's the levels that these parents have actually taken it, too. That is all. I have just recently gotten out of the Nick Jr. days...so if this was airing during a program, I can certainly see an issue with that. But that's the first time I saw where that happened. Like I said, I've only come across a lot of vile comments & come backs.
I would also like to point out that I understand the mama bear thing. Mine certainly comes out...but when it personally & directly effects any of my kids. If it's a general thing...I tend to let it go, or at least look into it before the claws come out. But I also know that's me & my own parenting style. It's good there are mama bears to protect their kiddos...but I'm just wondering how much thought any kids put into that video. Kids are very perceptive...I know that, too. But just something to think about. Not that it made it OK to put on during the kids' programming.

If you would like to read the whole back & forth, click HERE.

So after this posting, and my additional thoughts, there was no more from her. But I do believe it was good conversation. I did come to some additional understanding of a few things I was unaware of...but it certainly did not change my mind.

Right around this time, it was beautiful that I came across this posting from George Takei on his Facebook page...

Satire apparently is a disappearing art form. I am experiencing what younger people call "face palm."  ~ George Takei

My thoughts, exactly! It's totally part of my soap-boxy rant.

Right around the same time, one of the raw, real, and hilarious MOM BLOGS I FOLLOW had this posted on her Facebook page:

The majority of you here genuinely get my sense of humor- and I truly appreciate that- but there is always a group that doesn't who feels the need to make condescending and snide remarks about it. I'm in a "NO BS" kind of mood- so I want to make something very clear.  Just because I joke about something does not mean I don't care. Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes the downs make us want to fall apart- and if we DON'T laugh, we will cry. This is why I try to find even the tiniest bit of humor in everything- the tiniest bit of positivity- the littlest giggle. If you don't understand that- you should not be here on this page.  Yes, I do put my life online for the whole world to read, but just like anyone else- you do not know everything about me from what you read online. My family is held together by love and laughter. Plus, I'm pretty sure if I really were some evil hateful b****- my husband would have ditched my a** a long time ago.  Life is so much better when you stop judging everyone for every little thing and just laugh. Try it. Even if just once. I promise it doesn't hurt.~ Holdin' Holden (she is an author who has also dealt with cyber mommy bullies)


We take life WAY too seriously! We post mean things about the other political side, we post digs at religion, we make it OK to want to shoot someone, we tell other people to kill themselves or call them horrible names with awful connotations. And the humor many find is the tearing down of someone else. 

There is a difference between mean humor...and the satirical. Stop a moment & think...do you know the difference? Did they come after you directly? Or are you just grabbing a torch & pitchfork because you got caught up in a misguided idea or notion?

We need to celebrate the moments, not be horribly cynical when someone is being positive. There's no need tear someone down because their humor is different than yours.

Be positive, people! Find humor! Know the satirical & what is being humorously twisted to get someone thru a moment or a day.

We could all learn from that thought.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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